Pandya Store 19th February 2022 Written Update: Raavi takes a oath


Pandya Store 19th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pandyas checking the CCTV footage. They see Krish in the recording. Dhara says that it’s when she called him from upstairs. Krish gets scared of family seeing him with Kriti. He forwards the video saying that it wasn’t not the time i saw Kamini going in the auto. Rishita sees Krish getting autoricshaw for someone and asks for shome he got it. Krish covers it saying something. They see Prafulla in the video. Rishita asks if she’s Kamini.

Meanwhile Kamini comes to Prafulla’s house taking gifts and a saree. She meets Prafulla. She says that she got more satisfaction when Rishita supported her family in front of Pandyas. She says that Prafulla has to do one more work for her. She asks to give the saree to Raavi. She asks to call Raavi. Other side Rishita asks Krish to stop the recording. Suman insists to play it to see Raavi bringing the snake. Raavi says that it won’t make any different. She has done wrong and apologize to Suman. Pandyas sees in the video Raavi bringing the snake basket and meeting Prafulla on her way. Shiva says that here’s the truth. Raavi left snake in their house while Prafulla left cows in the house. Rishita says to Raavi that it was their responsibility to watch over the dried grains, but Raavi disappeared in the middle. She went to get the snake. Raavi says that it’s wrong. Shiva shouts that how the video recording can be wrong. Rishita feels dizzy. Family gets worried. Rishita says that shw needs some rest and goes to her room.

Suman says that Raavi returned to kill her and later to take over their property. She has come to do what her aunt did 10 years before, because of which her husband died. Raavi says that her love for the family kept her United to this family. She says that she will prove her innocence. Suman asks her to do it and says that she is giving her one week for that. Suman adds that if Raavi fails, she will call police to throw Raavi out of the house. Just then Raavi receives Prafulla’s call. Shiva receives it and puts the call on loudspeaker. Prafulla says to Raavi that she loves her very much and placed Saree and sweets outside the house and asks her to collect it.

Kamini says that either a furious Raavi will come to her taking the saree and the sweets or she will take them inside the house. In both cases Pandyas won’t like it. Other side Shiva opens the door and finds the saree the sweets basket. Raavi taks them in. Prafulla asks what Kamini’s plan is. Kamini says that the gifts sent by Prafulla will make the Pandyas doubt that Raavi is responsible to get the cows inside the house. Raavi burns the gifts. Prafulla praises Kamini’s idea and they shake hands. Raavi swears on the fire that she will prove her innocence. Family looks on. Raavi leaves from there.

Dev does Rishita’s fool’s massage. He says that Risita must have lot dreams about her married life, but she is struggling with her family problems. He says that maybe he isn’t a good husband. Rishita says that she is more worried with Shiva and Raavi’s increasing conflict which gave her dizziness. He asks if she’s fine now and comes closer to her. Just then Rishita receives Sagar’s call. She receives it. Later Rishita informs Dev that she has to go to Ahmedabad for her work and she has to stay a night there. Dev asks if it’s necessary to stay night there. Rishita says that it’s a matter of a night only. Dev gets upset that Sagar’s call spoiled their moment. .

The morning Raavi comes to the kitchen to help Dhara. Dhara refuses Raavi’s help saying that Suman prohibited Raavi to enter the kitchen. Raavi leaves getting sad. Krish comes to Dhara and asks to give me 500Rs. Dhara refuses and leaves from there. Krish sees the box in which Dhara usually puts money. He steals money and leaves.

Suman complains to Dhara that she didn’t give her breakfast. Dhara says that Rishita is going out for her work, so she got late as she was packing food for her. Dhara sees Raavi coming with her suitcase. Dhara asks Raavi where she’s going. Raavi says that she’s going to get proof for innocence. She will come back after proving her innocence.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi convinces Prafulla to celebrate her return and show the Pandyas that she can be happy without them. Other side Krish gets the things Suman asked for. Pandyas comes to Prafullas house dancing. Raavi looks on smiling.

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