Pandya Store 19th July 2022 Written Update: Gautam blames Dhara’s parenting


Pandya Store 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev saying to Janardan that Krish is child and he will understand if they make him understand.So he can’t stop Kirti fron coming to their house. He adds that they don’t have any problem to accept Kirti as their daughter-in-law.

Rishita says that she has problem and this marriage shouldn’t happen. They leave. Kamini says that Dev is right. Krish can change his mind and goes back to his house taking Kirti. So she asks Janardan rethink his decision. Janardan says that he will brainwash Krish after he comes to this house so that he won’t return to his house.

A couple stops Shiva and requests to click a selfie of him. Shiva is shocked learning that they’re Raavi’s social media followers and saw him romancing with her in live. A man informs Shiva that the customers are returning the items they bought as they have given wrong products. Shiva rushes to the shop. Kirti is in call with Krish. She says crying about Dev and Rishita’s arrival.

She says that Dev is only against Krish moving to her house, but Rishita is against their marriage. She says that she will never let her marry him. She asks Krish why he doesn’t accept her dad’s condition. She asks him to come to her house. Krish refuses to come to stay in her house and says that they should elope and marry. Then their families will accept them. Krish agrees. Krish asks her to reach the temple tonight, then they will apply for court marriage, after that they will inform their families.

Kirti agrees and says that they should take a flat for rent and will go to their honeymoon from there. Until they will return their marriage will get registered, then they can tell their families. She says that he has money. Krish says that they can talk about it all after marriage. He asks her to get ready, he will come to take her. Krish wonders how to arrange money for wedding preparations.

Dhara calls all for the dinner. All comes except Krish. Shiva notices that Raavi has hear her earpots on and gets angry. Dhara wonders where Krish is. Dhara calls out Krish to have dinner. Krish refuses to have food. He shouts that he isn’t a kid to force him.

Gautam taunts that he will become kid again when he willget hungry and come in the midnight to have food. Krish drinks the full water in the jar and says that his dinner is over. He leaves. Suman also refuses to eat. Shiva asks Raavi to get water for him. Raavi doesn’t ear this due to earpots. Shiva gets angry. He leaves taking the water from the fridge.

Gautam fights with Dhara for taking food to Krish. He blames Dhara’s upbringing for what’s happening. Rishita gets determined to call Kirti and ask her to delete delete Krish’s all social media contacts. Dev reminds her that she’s her sister and can be as stubborn as she’s. He says that they should make her understand with love else she may take any wrong decision. Rishita hangs the call and calms down.

Raavi is showing her followers her room in live. Shiva comes there and snatches the phone from Raavi and ends the live. He scolds her for spending all her time in the phone. He says that she didn’t hear when he asked for water. He also mentions a similar incident happened with Suman. He asks what if tomorrow Suman and her are alone in the house and what if Suman needs her help and she doesn’t hear her.

Raavi apologize to him and says to be more carefully. Shiva asks why all should know about their love. Raavi gets worried if he learned about her post. She says what’s wrong if Shiva loves her. She says that their love story is cute that it should be made as a TV serial. Shiva says to Raavi to not make public their intimate life.

Suman notices that money is missing from her box. She calls out all. Other hand Krish is in the temple and calls Kirti and wonders why she’s not answering the call. At the Seths, Kirti try to sneak out of the house with her suitcase. She disconnects Krish’s call. Kirti opens the main door and gets shocked to see Janardan and Kamini in front of her. Here Suman asks the Pandyas who has stolen the money from her box.

Rishita says that Krish must have stolen the money as he is the only person who isn’t here. Suman refuses to accept that Krish can steal money. Dhara and Shiva also agree with Suman. Rishita clarifies that they all work and have money their own money except Krish and adds that only he isn’t at home, so she took his name. Suman decides to search all their rooms.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish returns home with a suitcase and gives the stolen money to Suman shocking all. Sumam slaps Krish and decides to throw him out of the house.

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