Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Update: Dhara learns the truth


Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman explaining the different reasons that cause a baby cry. Dev brings the cradle. Rishita puts the baby in the cradle. Rishita says that the baby will sleep in the cradle. Dhara says that it’s right to leave the baby to sleep alone in the cradle, so the baby will sleep with her on the bed. Rishita says that the baby needs to be self-sufficient and moreover the baby will sleep in the cradle in their room. Suman asks Dev and Rishita to take the baby to the baby to their room. They oblige.

During the dinner time Dhara asks Rishita to give her the baby and have food. She obliges. Raavi happily says that she will get salad. Suman asks why Raavi is elated, if she won lottery. Shiva denies it and says that he doesn’t know the reason. In his mind he apologizes to Gungun for lying.

Suman asks Gautam if he paid the hospital fee of the baby’s mother. Rishita asks why they should pay her hospital fee. Suman says that if they don’t pay, the will be blamed for her death. Suman again questions Gautam about it. She mocks him for looking at Dhara without answering her. Gautam thinks that Dhara will get heartbroken if she learns that baby’s mother ran away and he thinks of finding an orphanage for the baby.

He wonders whether to tell the truth to all Or not. Suman scolds Dhara for adding too much spice in the Sabzi. She taunts Dhara. Shiva complains that she made eggplant sabzi which he doesn’t like. Dhara reacts angrily. She asks that he didn’t have problem when Raavi made eggplant the other day. Rishita says that Dhara can’t made tasty food since her full focus was in how to take the baby from her. So she left the kitchen many times.

Dhara asks why Rishita or Raavi couldn’t take the kitchen’s responsibility. She admits that her focus was on the baby. She complains that they all tried to keep her away from the baby. She says that she’s aware that it’s not her baby and is going to leave the house one day. She leaves from there. Shiva asks Suman why he scolded Dhara despite knowing her condition. Dev support Suman and says that she scolded Dhara for her wellbeing. Gautam goes after Dhara to convince her. Sumam is glad that her sons are supporting her first time in their life instead of Dhara.

Raavi wonders which clothes to wear for her social media live. She seeks Shiva’s help. Shiva says to think what are the clothes she doesn’t want to wear and asks it to donate them. He puts back all the clothes inside the cupboard. Raavi says that Shiva doesn’t like her work so he does it so. She says that she will delete her account.

Shiva gets a dress from the cupboard and gives to Raavi saying to wear it for the shoot. Raavi says that it’s not simple. Shiva reminds Raavi that she asked him to not change himself for others. He advises Raavi to stay the be always sweet and simple. Raavi says that Shiva lied to his family supporting her. She promises that he won’t regret it. She says I love you. Shiva lifts Raavi and places her on the bed. They sit on the bed looking at staring lovingly at each other.

Dhara receives the doctor’s call in Gautam’s phone and stands shocked learning that the baby’s mother ran away from the hospital. Just then Gautam comes there. Dhara asks Gautam why he hid that baby’s mother ran away from the hospital. Gautam says that he was about to tell her. Gautam asks Dhara to give the baby. He takes the baby from Dhara and begins to leave the room.

Dhara looks at the baby getting emotional. She gives Gautam her swear to prevent him from giving the baby in the orphanage. She asks why they can’t raise the baby in the house. Gautam says that this isn’t their baby. He adds that he filed missing report of this baby’s mother. Dhara requests Gautam to give her the baby instead of leaving him in the orphanage. Gautam says that he doesn’t have problem with keeping the baby, but he is worried about her attachment towards the baby and says that they have already seen her madness once.

Dhara admits that she did a mistake in the past and promises to return the baby when his mother will be found. Gautam says that this baby can become Dhara’s obsession and he can’t see her getting heartbroken when the baby will leave her. Dhara gives the example of Yashoda and Lord Krishan and pleads with Gautam to let her take care of the baby for some time. She also reminds him that the baby’s mother gave the baby’s responsibility to them. Gautam looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita asks Suman to look after the baby as she has to attend a workshop. Suman says that baby’s delivery can happen a week earlier. Rishita shouts getting labor pain. She gets hospitalized. Pandyas arrive to the hospital to see Rishita. Gautam sees them hiding. He thinks of hiding the baby’s mother’s truth from, so he decides to not go in front of all.

The episode starts with Dhara calling Kirti and rebuking her for making fun
of Krish in the college. Rishita and Raavi look on shocked. Rishita snatches
the phone from Dhara and hang the call. She says that this isn’t rhe right way
to talk to her sister. Dhara asks Rishita to teach right way to her sister who
made fun of Krish in the college. She asks Rishita to tell Kirti to not cross
her limits.

Rishita says that Dhara’s reaction is for taking the baby without her
permission. She states that this baby isn’t Dhara’s and till the baby in this
house they all have rights on him. Raavi asks Rishita to stop as she is talking
rubbish. Rishita shouts at Raavi to not interfere between her and Dhara. She
warns Dhara to not call Kirti again. She goes upstairs taking the baby.

Gautam comes to Suman and massages her feet. Suman says that she doesn’t
have money so think before serving her. Gautam says that he is confused with
the baby’s issue. He tells that the hospital bill of the baby’s mother is
30,000 and if it’s not paid they will discharge her. He tried to arrange the
money, but he couldn’t. Suman refuses to give money. Gautam convinces Suman
saying that she will die if they don’t pay the bill. Suman gives Gautam the
money and asks to bring receipt from the hospital.

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