Pandya Store 1st March 2022 Written Update: Rishita is pregnant?


Pandya Store 1st March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi saying to the ladies that she will either get married to Shiva or will die in this house. Suman says that she won’t let Raavi stay in this house, so she has to die. Raavi says to the ladies that they can call whoever they want, but she won’t leave this house. Dev argues with Rishita. He says that Rishita doesn’t care about him, so that she decided alone. He leaves. Rishita feels dizzy. She checks a mobile app and realises that she missed her period. She wonders whether she’s pregnant.

Dev comes to his family and asks what is happening here. The ladies taunt Dev with Rishita. They say that Dev doesn’t even where his wife is and with whom. Dhara asks them to mind their words. Suman thinks in mind that she asked then to protest against Raavi and wonder why they speak against Rishita. The ladies protest against Rishita as well. They demand to make both Rishita ans Raavi leave the house. Suman intervenes and defends Rishita.

Suman says to Raavi that it’s not right for her to stay in their house. Raavi refuses to leave and says to Dhara that she doesn’t have any other option than get her married to Shiva. Rishita decides to take her pregnancy test. She covers hers head with a duppata and goes out to buy pregnancy kit. She gets shocked on seeing the crowd in front of the house. She sneaks out.

The lady say to Suman that if Raavi doesn’t leave the house in the next five days, they will chase her away. Raavi refuses to leave. The lady vow to make Raavi leave. Dhara intervenes and supports Raavi. She says that they have to deal with her before touching Raavi. She says that they will decide whom to keep in this house and asks them all to leave. Suman calms Dhara down and says that she will handle them. Dhara and Raavi leave. Suman says to the ladies that they overdid and asks all of them to disperse. They oblige.

Rishita comes to the pharmacy to buy pregnancy kit. She gets shocked on seeing Shiva there and tries hides her face with her duppata. She gives money to the pregnancy kit and runs from there. The man shouts to take the remaining money. Shiva says that she’s a weird girl. In the house, Raavi is washing the vessels lamenting. Dhara comes to Raavi. Raavi says that no one care for her feelings in this house, not even Dhara that’s why no one came to her after what happened and said that she/he will get her married to Shiva.

Shiva hears two women badmouthing Raavi. A man bumps into Shiva. The latter gets into a fight with that man venting out his anger on him. Gautam sees all this and stops Shiva. Other hand Rishita gets shocked when the pregnancy kit shows the result positive. She says that how this can be possible, they have taken necessary precautions. She gets worried for her professional career and says that she’s not ready for such a big responsibility. She decides to take blood test to confirm it. She throws the pregnancy kit in the dustbin.

Shiva comes to Kaka. Shiva tries to drink the alcohol Kaka has for him. Kak stops Shiva and asks if he fought with Raavi again. He says that there others also to rub salt in his wounds. Kaka pacifies Shiva and asks him to have food. Shiva gets sad recalling the women’s words. He says that there’s conflict between his mind and heart. He is losing everything. He leaves saying that he isn’t hungry.

Rishita decides to tell Dev after getting the reports of her blood test. Rishita’s alter ego appears and says whether if the happiness of becoming a mother spoiled all her plans. Rishita says that she will take maternity leave and moreover her pregnancy isn’t confirmed. Rishita’s alter ego says that she can’t convince the family to work during her pregnancy. She asks Rishita to think about her child’s future and forget her professional career. She asks Rishita to choose between her career and her child. She won’t get this opportunity again. Family won’t let her go outside in this state and Dev refused to accompany her. Rishita shouts shut up and throws a vase. Rishita calls Dev. Dev disconnects the call which enragrs Rishita. Rishita wonders how to tell family this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dev learns Rishita is pregnant, Rishita says that she doesn’t want this child now. Dhara overhears this. Suman says that this child is her descendant, so he/shw will be born. Rishita says that she has the rights to decide about her child.

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