Pandya Store 1st October 2022 Written Update: Suman grows suspicious of Shweta


Pandya Store 1st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Deven blackmailing Shweta to give him money else he will release her video. Shweta says that she doesn’t have money. She says that her parents didn’t even give money for her wedding. She adds that the Pandyas have only a small store and the profit is given to Suman who may have 40-50 lakh in her locker. Deven laughs. He asks Shweta to steal the money from Suman’s locker and give it to him. Shweta refuses to steal again for Deven’s sake. Deven asks her to take one day to think about when she will give him that money and leaves. Shweta bursts into tears.

In Pandya’s house, Dhara panics when she doesn’t find Shweta and Chiku anywhere in the house. She thinks of not disturbing any family members and goes to find them by herself. Just then, Shweta comes back home. Dhara confronts Shweta about taking Chiku in the late night. She reminds her that Chiku had already got kidnapped once. Shweta says that she was feeling suffocating in their small house, so she went for a walk. Dhara asks Shweta to inform the family before going out the next time. Shweta reminds Dhara that Chiku is her child and she can’t sit inside the house because of her fear. Shweta realises that she was too rude to Dhara. She apologizes to Dhara and promises to inform Dhara before taking Chiku out. Dhara asks Shweta why she was crying while entering the house. Shweta says that everything is happening fast and the thing which she wants to get rid of keeps coming in front of her, so she got emotional. She assures Dhara everything is fine. She gives Dhara Chiku and leaves. Dhara says that she can’t believe that Shweta is saying the truth. She doubts that Shweta is hiding something and wonders what it is.

Raavi avoids Shiva. The latter reminds him that he isn’t a stranger to her. Raavi taunts Shiva that he acted so the previous day night and leaves. Krish and Dev are decorating the house for garba night. Krish played romantic song. Dev wants to change the song when Suman arrives there. Rishita comes with Chutki and asks Dev to focus on their daughter’s vaccination. Dev and Rishta argue. Krish stops them from fighting because of them. Suman agrees with Krish. Just then, Suman receives Shweta’s mom’s call. She asks if she can perform Shweta and Krish’s engagement. Suman agrees and suggests having the engagement in the garba night that night. She agrees. Suman informs Dhara the same and asks her to buy the engagement ring. Suman reminds her that she said that she would only give 25% share of the total expenditure. Dhara says that the engagement has been planned suddenly and Gautam doesn’t have money. Suman agrees to give money for the emergency and asks to return it with interest. Dhara agrees. Shweta hears this.

Deven phones Shweta and blackmails her to steal money from Suman and threatens to reveal her video recording in front of the Pandyas on her wedding day. Shweta cries and begs him to spare her, but he refuses. Shweta remembers Dhara and Suman’s talk. She goes to Suman’s room and sees Suman taking money from her locker and giving it to Dhara. Suman leaves the locker key in the cupboard and leaves along with Dhara when they hear the priest calling out to them. Shweta enters Suman’s room and opens the locker. She sees a lot of money. There, the priest asks Suman to give him money as she’s going to get her last son married. Suman does drama that she doesn’t have money. Just then, she realises that she doesn’t have the locker key. She goes back to her room. She finds Shweta there and questions her. Rishita also arrives there and asks what Shweta is doing here. Shweta acts innocent and says that she saw the cupboard being opened and some money on the ground, and comes into the room to close it. She asks them to check her if they want. Suman believes Shweta and asks her to leave. Shweta leaves. But Rishita doesn’t believe Shweta. Suman says to Rishita that Shweta is from a rich family, so she doesn’t have reason to steal her money.

Shweta is pacing blabbering. She says that her problems never end. Krish hears Shweta and asks what problem she’s talking about. Shweta says that she has a fear of the wedding. Just then, she receives Deven’s call and looks shocked. Meanwhile, Suman checks her money. She remembers closing the cupboard after giving money to Dhara. She realises that Shweta was lying and wonders if Rishita wasn’t right about Shweta.

The episode ends.

Precap: The Pandyas dance in Krish’s engagement ceremony. Krish says that the engagement won’t take place as he has a surprise for Shweta. Krish brings Deven. Shweta is shocked to see him.

The episode starts with Dhara seeing Shweta going with Chiku on the road from her room window. She wakes up Gautam and tells him the same. She urges Gautam to wake up. Gautam looks down from the window and finds no one. He says that Dhara has a misconception, as she’s obsessed with Chiku. Meanwhile, Shweta meets Forum and gives her money. Forum leaves.

In Pandya’s house, Raavi is crying, remembering Shiva accusing her and the neighborhood women of badmouthing her. Shiva comes to the room. He says that he misunderstood seeing Raavi and Arnab entering the lodge room. He says that Raavi would also have fought with him if she had seen him doing the same along with a girl. Raavi says that she would never have questioned his character in public. Raavi says that Shiva doubted her and he is trying to justify his act now.

Gautam asks Dhara to stop worrying about Chiku as he is going to stay in their house forever with her. He takes out the Chiku’s handprint photo frame. He says that she doesn’t need it as Chiku’s real hands will be there for Dhara to play with them. He puts his finger on Dhara’s lips to prevent her from saying anything. Gautam sings the song Hume Tu me Pyaar Kitna. He kisses her forehead.

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