Pandya Store 20th January 2022 Written Update: Suman threatens Anita to take her complaint back


Pandya Store 20th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman telling Shiva that Dhara and Gautam are missing. Shiva gets shocked knowing that that they are still missing. He asks about Raavi. Suman says that she will be with Prafulla after getting him arrested. She assures Shiva to get him released with the help of Rishita. Rishita nods yes. Suman goes to talk to the inspector about the same with Rishita. A man phones police and says that he saw the lady and the baby whose missing news they have given to the media and tells the location.

The officer says that he will alert the police of that area. Other hand Dhara feeds the baby singing a song. Prafulla is waiting at Janardan’s house to meet Kamini. The latter arrives there. Kamini says that she has nothing to do with Anita and asks the guards to throw Prafulla out. Prafulla says that Anita told her about Kamini’s plan and threatens to expose her truth to the police and she will get jailed. Kamini says that Prafulla and Anita will be jailed with her. Prafulla says that she already made a plan to save Anita. She asks Kamini to harm Suman whose the root of Pandya family, if she wants to destroy them.

Suman begs the inspector to release Shiva, who is an innocent. Rishita demands the inspector to release Shiva. The inspector asks the constables to throw them out. Suman vows to get Shiva released. The inspector asks her to bring proof for Shiva’s innocence. Rishita thinks something and akes Suman from there.

Prafulla says to Kamini that she doesn’t want either her daughter to live in Pandya house. She doesn’t want to bow down in front of Pandya family. She wants to destroy them, but before that she wants to find Raavi and Kamini should help her in this. Then she will get Shiva and Raavi’s divorce. Prafulla says to Kamini that they both will destroy Pandya family.

Suman vows to bring Anita to release Shiva. Prafulla asks Kamini to join hands with her if she agrees with her plan. Kamini thinks that Anita can’t do anything, so she has to do something joining with her. Kamini holds Prafulla’s hand that their friendship starts from today. Prafulla says that Pandya family’s destruction begins from today. Prafulla further says that Shiva is in the jail and Dhara is missing. They have to prevent Dhara from returning to her family. Rishita says to Suman that they free Shiva together and asks Suman to come with her.

Suman asking if she is taking her to Kamini and scolds them. Rishita gets angry and defends her family saying that they don’t have hand in this. Suman says that Rishita can never become her family. Rishita asks how many time she has to prove her love for this family and asks them to prove that she matters for them. Suman says that he needs to save Shiva. She shuts Rishita’s mouth. He asks Rishita to stand fingers on the leave and goes to meet Anita.

Dhara hears Kaka and Gautam talking at the doorstep. Kaka tells about the news coming on TV about Dhara. Gautam says that Rishita gave that news. Kaka denies and says that there is a late news that the baby who is missing from the same hospital is seen with Dhara and police is looking for them. Dhara gets shocked hearing this and wonders why everyone wants to separate her baby from her.

Dhara decides to leave the house for a while. She wonders where they will go, in this she has everything to look after the baby and wonders how she will manage outside. She goes to make some arrangements for that. Dhara opens the window to talk to Gautam and finds neither Gautam nor Kaka and wonders where they have gone.

Suman comes to Anita. Suman asks Anita to come along with her to the police station and takes the complaint against Shiva back. Anita acts as she forgot everything. Suman slaps Anita. The latter gets furious and says that she won’t take back the complaint. She asks why she should when Shiva’s wife didn’t. She refuses to come. Suman threatens AnitaAnita and vows to get her arrested. Anita asks if she has proof against her for that. Anita tries to escape and finds Rishita disguised as police. Rishita says that she has proof against her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman threatens Anita and makes her get the complaint back. The inspector releases Shiva. Suman says that she will punish Rishita and slaps her.