Pandya Store 21st February 2022 Written Update: Raavi convinces Prafulla to arrange for a party


Pandya Store 21st February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi coming with her suitcase. Dhara asks where she’s going. Suman taunts Raavi. Shiva says that it’s good she’s leaving and asks her to never return. Raavi says that she will come back. She says to Dhara that she will prove her innocence and asks Dhara to make arrangements to get her married again to Shiva. This time everything should be perfect in her wedding. Raavi takes Dhara’s blessings. The latter asks Raavi to return fast.

Krish is waiting in the café for Kriti. He says that he has become thief in Kriti’s love. He convinces himself it’s not stealing as he took it from his house. He will return it by doing job. Kriti arrives there. Krish says that there are crowd here. They could have meet in his area. Kriti says that this place is cool. She holds his hand asking if she can do it there. Krish nods yes.

Suman refuses to bless Raavi until she proves her innocence. Raavi says that she knows Suman considers her as her daughter in law. Raavi leaves the house. Rishita and Sagar come to the same cafe where Krish and Kirti are.Sagar asks Rishita why she got married in such a young age. She is talented and different from others. He adds that he saw her husband that day, he isn’t judging him, but he is a shopkeeper. Rishita says that Dev is the most caring personal. Rishita spots Krish and calls out his name. Krish also notices Rishita and is shocked.

Raavi returns to Prafulla’s house. The latter gets overjoyed knowing that Raavi left the Pandyas house. Raavi thinks in mind that she has to lie to Prafulla to make her confess the truth in order to unite with Shiva. Dhara says to Suman that they shouldn’t let Raavi leave the house. Suman says that Raavi would attempt to kill her again. Dhara says that she knows Raavi well, she can never do this. Raavi’s heart is as pure as Shiva’s. Rishita says to Sagar that she will be back in a minute and gets up to go to Krish, but her feet sleep and is about to fall, Sagar catches her. In the meantime Krish alerts Kriti that Rishita is here and asks her to hide under the table. She obliges. Rishita thanks Sagar and comes to Krish.

Suman says that Raavi doesn’t know to compromise. Dhara says that she’s trying from her side. Dhara further says that Rishita was brought up with all comforts in her dad’s house, yet she managed to mingle with their family. Suman taunts saying that Raavi left to rest in her office air conditioned room leaving all household works to Dhara. Rishita asks Krish if he has skipped classes. Krish says some teacher died so he got leave. She asks where his friends are. Krish notices Kriti’s hand bag on the chair. He hides pretending the chair isn’t clean.

Dhara opens Raavi’s cupboard and gets surprised finding all Raavi’s clothes there and wonders what she took in her suitcase then. Suman arrives and asks if Raavi left a snake in her cupboard. Dhara thinks in mind that Raavi left everything here to come back and decides to to not tell Suman about it. She closes the cupboard and denies to Suman. Suman asks Dhara if Raavi hasn’t taken any of their valuable things. Dhara says that Raavi is trying to steal Shiva’s heart which is the most valuable thing for Raavi. Krish lies to Rishita that he is waiting for his friend. Today is his birthday and is giving treat. Rishita drops the cup which has handkerchief. Rishita is about to pick it up, Krish picks it up. Rishita asks Krish why he’s nervous, he isn’t waiting for any girl. Krish denies it and says to Rishita to ask Kriti if she wants.

Prafulla serves food to Rishita. Anita says to Raavi that she did right by returning home, Shiva isn’t suitable for her. Raavi says that she’s right, but they’re not at all suitable for Anita. She tried enter their house becoming Gautam’s child’s mother. Rishita asks why she should ask Kriti. Krish says that Kriti is her sister, she can ask her if she doesn’t trust his words. He asks what Rishita is doing here, Dhara gave her lunch box. Rishita says that she has come with her box for lunch break. Sagar calls out Rishita. Rishita leaves. Sagar asks who he is. Rishita says that he is her brother in law. Rishita gets busy with Sagar talking about business. Using this opportunity Kriti and Krish leave from there. Rishita notices that Krish isn’t in the café and gets suspicious.

Anita says that Raavi is still supporting the Pandyas. They have send Raavi instigating her against them. Raavi says that Anita’s act is enough to provoke her. She says that she doesn’t want negativity in her life. She wants to talk to Prafulla only. Raavi says to Prafulla that they should party her returning. They should call the Pandyas and show them that she’s happy. Prafulla agrees. Anita looks suspicious. Raavi thinks that this party will be very special, she will prove her innocence and bring Prafulla’s truth out in front of all.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas come to Prafulla’s house dancing. Raavi spikes the juice and gives it Prafulla. She drinks it.

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