Pandya Store 21st July 2022 Written Update: Kirti rejects Krish


Pandya Store 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi showing Kirti’s post on her social account and saying that Kirti is going to elope with Krish so Krish stole the money shocking the ladies. Dhara sees Kirti’s post and says that Kirti written in the caption that her life is going to change. She wonders if Raavi is right. Rishita calls. Kamini receives it. She scolds Rishita for ruining their peace calling them. She says that she will handle Kirti and asks her to handle Krish.

Rishita cries and starts having difficulty to breathe. Dhara gets worried and gets water for her. Rishita throws it away and blames Dhara for what is happening. Raavi says that Rishita can’t blame Dhara for everything. Rishita says that Kirti won’t able to adapt in this house and cries. Other hand Gautam Shiva and Dev are looking for Krish.

Krish phones Kirti. The latter thinks that she loves Krish and trusts him, he has money, but if it’s not the case and dad was right, she has to live in his house. Kirti switches off her phone. Kamini and Janardan smiles. Krish wonders why Kirti switched off her phone and wonders what if she doesn’t come. Just thrn Gautam, Dev and Shiva come there to take him. Krish gets a stick and briquette and threaten to hit them. They try to convince Krish return home. Krish refuses and says that he won’t come until Krish comes.

Shiva and Dev say that they will get him married to Kirti if she comes. They call Kirti and find her phone switched off. Dev says that Kirti doesn’t want even to talk to her. She understood that this isn’t the age for marriage. Krish blames Janardan and argues with his brothers. Just then Kirti arrives there. Krish gets happy and runs to Kirti to hug her. Kirti pushes him away. She says that it’s over and lashes out at him for lying to her. She thanks her dad and bua for opening her eyes in time by telling the truth. She thanks Rishita for telling the truth coming home. She criticizes Krish and his family which angers Shiva.

Gautam stops him from reacting. Kirti insults Krish and breaks her relationship with him. Krish tries to stop her holding her hand. Kirti slaps Krish. Just then Kamini and Janardan arrive in car. Kirti states that this is her life and that’s his life before getting into the car and drives off. Krish cries and tries to run behind the car, but his brothere hold him. Krish bursts into tears.

Suman gets worried when the Pandyas brothers haven’t returned home yet. Suman decides to go and find them by herself. Dhara tries to stop her. Just then the brothers return home. Krish comes with his suitcase. He opens it and takes out the money he had stolen and places it on the sofa table shocking all. Suman slaps Krish.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman scolds Krish and decides to throw him out of the house. Dhara stops Suman and threatens to leave the house with Krish.

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