Pandya Store 21st March 2022 Written Update: Raavi tells Shiva the truth


Pandya Store 21st March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva saying to Gautam that he wants to talk to the bride. Gautam tries to stop him, but in vain. Shiva greets krish and introduces himself as Shiva. Krish says that he is the one, who always stays angry and uses his hands more than his brain. Pandyas get nervous. Krish says that Hardik told him this. Shiva questions her where she met Hardik. Krish says in Porbandar. Pandyas say Shiva to leave the questions and come and enjoy the wedding. Shiva insists to know about the bride. Krish jokes and says they he will send his biodata to Shiva. The latter asks if no one has come from her family for the wedding. He says that everyone is there.

Shiva asks what it does mean. Dev says that it means they are her family. She’s an orphan. Krish pretends to cry. Shiva asks if she likes Hardik. Dev says that she’s likes him so she is here. Shiva says that she must be hungry. Krish says little with his hand. Shiva noticed that there is some hair in his hand and gets suspicious. He drags krish to the dance floor. They all dance. Raavi tries to dance with Shiva. Dhara drags her away. They all continue to dance. Raavi takes Shiva apart. Krish receives Kriti’s call and leaves.

Shiva scolds Raavi for being intoxicated. He says that she’s not the Raavi that he knows. Raavi says that he doesn’t know any Raavi else he would know how hard is to get insulted daily in his house and to hope every night that he will accept her morning, but she has to bear his anger in the morning. Raavi says that she is hoping that they will unite one day. She says that if her love is true, that day isn’t long anymore. Shiva says that Raavi is roaming around drunk. Raavi asks why he is worried fo her. She asks who he is for her whether her boyfriend or her husband. She blames Shiva for her being drunk. She falls on the ground. Shiva tries to help her to get up her, but he also falls next to Raavi.

Krish is in call with Kriti. The latter complains that he’s not receiving her calls. Krish takes his selfi and sends to her. Krish is about to spill that Rishita is pregnant. He stops himself. Kriti asks what happened to Rishita, if she’s fine. He says that she’s fine and disconnects the call. Other hand Shiva and Raavi share an eye lock and they get closer. Raavi says to Shiva to leave his anger and become hers. Shiva says that this is wrong. He gets up.

Raavi holds Shiva’s hand and says that she will make him as hers at any cost. Shiva repeats all this is wrong. He makes her stand. Raavi asks what is wrong to give him alcohol by deceiving him or to kidnap him when he is intoxicated or to forcibly plan his wedding or she is realizing at the end that this is wrong or she’s forced to perform haldi function or she is telling him the truth. Shiva looks on shocked on hearing Raavi. Shiva says that she completely lost her mind and talking nonsense. Raavi says that here their marriage is being made and not Hardik’s shocking Shiva.

The latter refuses to believe that Dhara and Gautam, who love him very much, can do wrong him. Raavi says that because they love him they know that Shiva loves her very much. She asks Shiva to ask to himself if he really hates her. Shiva says that he hates the fact that Raavi signed the divorce papers which she admitted. Raavi agrees that she signed the divorce papers and says that but Prafulla got her sign by deceiving her. She asks Shiva why he didn’t call and ask to the family court’s counselor who submitted the divorce papers. Raavi says that she loves him and doesn’t need any favor. Shiva looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva gets in a truck and leaves. Pandyas learn that Shiva is missing and finds him. Raavi wonders whether Shiva ran away.

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