Pandya Store 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Dhara gets worried about Krish


Pandya Store 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish placing the money he stole on the sofa table. Shiva and Dev say that Krish marriage didn’t happen, but he made all arrangements for that. Gautam says that Kirti is sensible, she advised him to become independent. Dhara gets emotional and scolds Krish leaving without telling her. Raavi says that he could have told her about his eloping plan, she would have given him better advice. Suman signs to keep her mouth shut.

Suman slaps Krish. She scolds him for eloping with Kirti. She says that Kirti showed him his place, but now she will show him his place. She decides to throw Krish out of the house so that he can learn his lesson. Dhara stops Suman and threatens to leave the house along with Krish. Suman scolds Dhara for spoiling Krish with her excessive love. Suman says that she will get Krish arrested for stealing money. Gautam stops her. Everyone suggests a punishment that Krish can accomplish at home.

Dhara says that Krish won’t do any of these punishment and asks Krish to apologize to all. But Krish remains silent. Suman rebukes Krish and decides to stop Krish studies shocking all. Dhara says to Suman to not stop his study. Rishita says that Krish didn’t even realize and apologize. She says that Suman is right to stop studies. Raavi says to Suman to stop him from going college, but let him study from home.

Krish shouts stop and says that they didn’t think about what he is going through. He angrily walks away. Suman stops Dhara from following Krish. Dhara says that Krish really loves Kirti and he stole money because of that. She says that Krish is sad and he needs her. She requests Suman to let her go to him. Suman leaves her.

Kirti happily says to her friend over friend that she’s going to hyderabad. Here Suman says to get new locks for the safety of her money. Gautam suggests deposing the money in the bank. Suman refuses. She prohibits anyone from entering her room. Rishte and Dev get into an argument over Krish. Dhara takes food for Krish. She advises him to study and gets settled in his life. Krish reacts angrily.

Other hand Raavi comes to the market to get vegetables. She does promotion of the vegetable seller in live to her followers. Here Krish asks Dhara to get him arrested. He confesses that he stole the earrings she bought for Raavi and gifted to Kirti shocking Dhara. He admits of drinking beer. He says that he really loved Kirti, but she didn’t love her. He cries saying that he did everything for her and nothing left to him now. Dhara walks out of the room. Krish clocks the room.

Gautam gets two new locks for Suman and laments about the same. Dhara comes to Gautam. Dhara says that she fulfilled Krish’s all wishes from childhood and asks where they they did mistake. Gautam says that thry can’t fulfill all his wishes and asks Dhara to make him understand. He says that Rishita isn’t wrong if she doesn’t want her sister get married to Raavi. Dhara starts crying and worries about Krish. She says that Krish stole the earrings she bought for Raavi and he didn’t feel guilty while confessing this as he didn’t think it’s wrong instead he asked her to get him arrested. She asks where she lacked in her parenting. Gautam says that it’s not Dhara’s fault. Dhara asks then why Krish isn’t like Drv or Shiva. Gautam says that it’s because he didn’t struggle like them. Dhara asks if Krish will come again to the right path. Gautam says that he hopes so.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva fights with Raavi regarding going live and causing insult to Suman and Dhara. Raavi says that the live started mistakenly. Shiva rebukes her.

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