Pandya Store 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Dev and Rishita share a romantic moment


Pandya Store 22nd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi saying to Shiva that their marriage is her last attempt to unite them and if it doesn’t take place, Shiva should forget that there was a girl called Raavi. She faints in Shiva’s arm. Other hand Pandya’s get worried that Raavi and Shiva both are missing. Dhara says what if Raavi told Shiva the truth. Hardik says that maybe they have both have realised the love for each other and ran away together. Dhara says that what is the need to run away when they’re planning their wedding. She asks all to find Raavi and Shiva.

Shiva brings an unconscious Raavi to her room. He puts Raavi on the bed. He remembers Raavi’s words. He says that all of them, even Dhara, lied to him. Shiva remembers all their lies. He wonders how his whole family can deceive him for Raavi. Shiva sees Rishita and Dev. Rishita says to Dev to look in Shiva’s room while she will look in Raavi’s room. Dev obliges. Shiva leaves from them.

In Raavi’s room the latter is blabbering. She requests Shiva to marry her. Dhara and all come to Raavi’s room. Dhara is relieved that Shiva isn’t with Raavi. Dev comes to Shiva’s room. He finds Shiva sleeping. He calls out his name to verify. After getting confirmation he leaves. Shiva gets up and says that now this game is his and he is the player. They want to get him married to Raavi, now they will see what Shiva Pandya will do.

Dev comes to Dhara and all. He says that Shiva is sleeping. Dhara hopes that this wedding take place without any obstacles. Shiva comes to the road. He stops a truck and asks if where it’s going. After knowing it’s going to Somnaath. Shiva gets into the truck and leaves.

Rishita wakes up and finds her room decorated. She wonders whether her room was decorated by mistake instead wedding couple’s room. She finds Dev’s note in which he asks her to come to the beach. She smiles. She then finds a new dress for her. Rishita is surprised with Dev’s gift and wonders what happened to Dev.

Dhara wakes up late and gets tensed how they will do Raavi-Shiva’s wedding which is fixed at 10 AM. She asks Gautam to find a solution and goes to Rishita to know if she has any idea. Other hand Dev is waiting for Rishita in the beach. Rishita comes to Dev wearing the dress he gifted. She says that she loves him very much. She’s elated on seeing the decorations. They share a romantic moment. Dev kisses her forehead. He says to Rishita that he is sorry that their marriage couldn’t take place the way she wanted and they couldn’t celebrate like she wanted. He knows that this surprise can’t compensate them, but he will not stop to try. Rishita hugs Dev thanking him.

Raavi gains her consciousness. She wonders whether she really met Shiva or it’s a dream. She says that if she had really met him, he would have run away. Other hand Dev thanks Rishita for coming in his life and making it complete. They express their love for each other and hug. Here Raavi wonders why Shiva’s disconnecting her calls. She wonders why she doesn’t remember anything. Dhara comes to Raavi. The latter asks Dhara if she has seen Shiva. Dhara says that he must be in his room. Dhara says to Raavi to get ready. Raavi refuses saying it’s not right to perform the rituals without consciousness. Dhara says that all this arrangements happened because of Raavi, but she’s backing off at the end moment.

Raavi says that Shiva wasn’t happy with the forced marriage and now also he won’t be happy. Dhara says that Shiva used to hate her, but now he loves. He doesn’t confess it, but it can be sensed. She says their destiny has been trying to unite them since their childhood. Raavi says that she wants to be with Shiva, but the way is wrong. Dhara says that everything is fair in love. Shiva loves Raavi and his eyes look for her everytime. She says that she has known him since childhood, she is sure that he will be happy. Dhara says to Raavi to leave her stubbornness, she will get then married at any cost.

Dev and Rishita come to Dhara and Gautam with laughing gaz. They plan to get Shiva and married using the laughing gaz. Dhara says that Raavi doesn’t need it as she talked to Raavi and she agreed. Rishita says that Raavi can have change of heart at any time. Dhara says to Gautam to phone Suman and tell her about this wedding. Krish comes to them and says that Shiva isn’t in his room shocking them.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva and Raavi exchange garlands. Shiva taunts Dhara shocking all. Dhara says that this was her plan.

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