Pandya Store 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Shiva risks his life to fulfill Suman’s demand

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 22nd November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi saying that she’s still Shivani wife, so this engagement can’t happen. Dhara and Rishita are happy while Suman is shocked. Raavi throws the ring in the well. Dhara thanks God for saving Shiva and Raavi’s relationship. Rishita says that the counselor listened to our request. Dhara corrects that God listened to our request. Gautam and Dev are feeling relived. Shiva reveals what happened in the court. FB shows. Raavi says that she wants divorce. Raavi falls. Shiva gets worried for her and scolds her for being carelss.

The judge thinks that they were fighting few mins before and now showing care for each other. The judge says to them that they can’t get divorce now. She says that they will stay together for six months then they will decide about it as she can see the love hidden behind their fights. Raavi tries to say something, but the judge silences her saying to find the love in them. She declares the divorce isn’t granted. FB ends.

Disha asks what will happen after six months. Dhara says that after six months there won’t any need for divorce, they will stay together for lifelong. Disha asks Shiva if he won’t get seperated from Raavi. Disha’s mother says that Dhara, Rishita, Krish won’t let them get separated. She knows that Dhara met her and provoked her saying that Shiva is short tempered like Suman.

Disha asks Dhara if it’s true. Dhara admits that she’s as she wants to Shiva and Raavi relationship. Suman scolds Dhara for defaming her for that. Dhara apologizes to Suman. She says that she was helpless and apologizes to Disha for doing wrong with her. Dhara says that she brought up Shiva and she can read his heart. Shiva can’t be away from Raavi and if Shiva marries her, she will be wronged. Dhara says that Disha is a good girl and wishes that she get a good guy by God’s grace and asks to let Shiva to be Raavi’s.

Dish says that they all played with her emotions and she won’t forgive them for that. She further says that she hasn’t come between Shiva and Raavi and has come when Shiva marriage proposal has come. Disha says to Shiva that she’s ready to wait six months and asks him to say that he doesn’t accept his and Raavi’s relationship. Rishita says to Disha that it will a waste of time for her as Shiva and Raavi won’t get seperated, Disha’s chapter is ended. Disha says that it’s not ended for her. She will wait for six months. Disha leaves. The brothers share a hug while the sister in laws hug. Suman looks on.

Shiva comes to Suman and says that he wanted to tell her the truth after coming from the court, but she gave her swear. Suman blames herself for everything. She demands to get her back the ring that Raavi threw in the well. Gautam says that they will find as it will be dark. Suman asks to get a torch. As Suman is adamant, Shiva jumps in the well shocking the family. Dhara and Gautam ask Shiva to come up. Shiva doesn’t find the ring and scolds Raavi for throwing the ring here. Gautam asks Krish to get a stick.

Krish obeys. Dhara asks to get a rob as stick isn’t of any use. Raavi gets the rob. They ask him to come up. Shiva still searching for the ring. Dev says Suman to tell Shiva to come up. Suman remains silent. Krish jokes saying that they can get new ring from selling the bangle of Prafulla as Raavi threw it in the well. Prafulla scolds Krish. Dev throws the torchlight in the well. Shiva finally finds the rings. Gautam and Dev pull Shiva up.

They scold Shiva for his act. Dev and Gautam hug Shiva. Dhara says to Raavi that Shiva put his life at stake to hide her small mistake. Dhara says that Shiva is short tempered and argue with her, but she can’t find a guy like Shiva in the whole universe. Suman asks Shiva to give the ring. Dhara asks Shiva to put in the ring to Raavi for whom he risked his life. Krish says to Dhara to see Suman Dhara says that she learned from Suman to keep the relationship. Dhara refuses to listen Gautam and asks Shiva to put it in Raavi’s finger. Suman demands to give the ring to her. Gautam tries to convince Suman saying that if she wants her grandchild’s mom to get stressed. Prafulla objects it. Anita silences her. All ask Shiva to put the ring. Shiva and Raavi look at each other.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman locked herself in and family gets worried for her and requests her to open the door.