Pandya Store 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Amresh pretends to support Natasha.


Pandya Store 22nd September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with host welcoming Makwanas and family. Makwana family gets down the car while Suman watches. Host invites Amresh to light the lamp and cut the ribbon. He did as the host said. Suman hears Amba talking about Natasha. Just then Natasha comes there dancing ready to break the Dahi handi. Amba’s fellow mates mock Natasha while Amresh and Amba feels angry. Dhawal comes there dressed to break the Dahi handi. They all dance and enjoy. Amba tells Amresh that she can’t take it anymore and asks him to do something. Natasha and Dhawal looks at each other and challenge each other.

Host invites Amresh to speak a few words about Natasha. Amresh praises Natasha for boldly participating in the competition. He says he’s proud of Natasha for proving that he’s no less than men and asks her to show her resilience. He’s glad that no matter who wins the prize money would still belong to their family. Everyone gets excited hearing it except Amba and family.

Dolly and Chirag cheered for both while Suman gets relieved. Pranali tells Bhaven that Amresh is giving special treatment for Natasha when Bhaven tells that Amresh is doing it all for Pandya Stores. He gets shocked when everyone hears it but Amresh handles the situation by saying that Bhaven meant that he cares about Pandya Stores family and so is supportive of Natasha. Everyone gets relieved. Bhaven Apologizes Amresh when he warns him to act sensible. Natasha hugs Amresh for being so supportive of her decision. Amresh has a hard time controlling himself to act like yes really happy for Natasha. Music plays and Dhawal and Natasha gets ready to climb the tower to break the pot.

Precap: Amba tells Natasha that till the day none of Makwana’s family women didn’t step outside to do what she did. Natasha gets shocked hearing it and says that her thoughts are so old fashioned. Amresh gets angry hearing it. She asks what would she do if it’s her daughter in her place and asks if she would still react that way.