Pandya Store 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Shiva gets furious on Raavi


Pandya Store 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish coming to the Pandya store to work in the store. Gautam asks what he is doing here. Krish reminds them that Suman stopped his studies. Dev mocks him asking from when he started to obey her. Krish refuses to go to the college. Shiva asks Krish to lift sacks. Gautam asks Krish to go to the college. Krish refuses stating that by now all would learned about his break up with Kirti and will make fun of him. Dev mocks him. Krish angrily reacts. Shiva gives him paper and asks to make list of items and then make their entry in the system.

At Pandya house, Dhara hugs Rishita. She asks her to not take any tension in her condition and apologizes to her on Krish’s behalf. She says that her intention wasn’t hide the truth from the family as she thought that the matter was over. Rishita says that Krish was spoiled because of Dhara’s pampering. Dhara says that Kirti is equally at fault. She further says that if she thinks that he was spoiled because of her pampering, she will make him right. Dhara asks Rishta to enjoy her pregnancy letting her handle Krish. Just then the curd seller comes there asking her money.

Dhara says that she will get it from Suman. The curd seller mocks Dhara asking if Suman caught any theft in the house, she snatched the locker keys from her. Suman gets happy hearing this and looks at the locker keys feeling it’s power. She falls asleep holding them. Raavi comes and shows the renovated house to her followers in live. She shows sleeping Suman and introduces her. She tells about her strict nature and punishing them for their mistakes. She says that she’s always having the locker key with her.

Dhara comes to Suman asking for money. She stumbles and falls down. Suman wakes up getting a shock and throws the locker key in the air. The key falls into the well. Raavi shows this to her followers in the live. Suman scolds Raavi for showing this to all in the live and asks her to find the key. Raavi try to find the key. Dhara phones Gautam and calls him home to find the Suman key which has fallen in the well. Here Raavi is struggling to find the keys. The milkman asking for his money.

Gautam brings a key maker to make new key. Suman refuses to make new keys and asks him to leave. Dhara asks him to stay. Gautam says to Suman to break the lock as all are waiting for money. Suman says to jump into the well and get her key. Laundrywoman comes and asks her money. Dhara says that she doesn’t have money as Suman’s room key has fallen inside the well. The laundrywoman refuses to believe Dhara stating she handles the money. Suman stays firm in her decision and asks to jump into the well to get the key. Everything is covered in Raavi’s life.

At the Pandya Store Dev makes a social media account for Shiva. The latter gets shocked on seeing the drama happening in the house on live. He shows to Dev and Krish. Dhara signs the key maker to not leave. Suman threatens him to leave. Dhara says that they have to give them all money and assures that only one key will be made. There Shiva gets furious on Raavi for showing their family drama to her followers.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva confronts Raavi and scolds her for showing their drama in live and humiliating Suman and Dhara. Dhara sees a lady with a baby is about to get hit by a tempo. She saves them.

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