Pandya Store 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Gautam handles Dhara’s mood swings


Pandya Store 23rd September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi saying that she doesn’t want to become equal to Dhara, but prefers to stay behind Raavi. Suman says that Raavi is a temporary daughter-in-law, she will get divorced soon.After delivery Dhara will get busy in looking after her baby, so train Rishita so that she can handle the house. Shivani wife would come till that, but she will be newlywed bride, they can’t make her work. Raavi gets shocked hearing about Shivaji second marriage. Kamini scolds Kalyaani and Keerti that Janardan got to know about Rishita visiting them. She says that she arranged another job for Rishita. She gets a call and gets shocked. Kamini says to Kalyaani that Rishita refused the job that she recommended for her, Rishita needs to work to get her out of Pandya family.

Raavi brings snacks for Dhara and convinces her to eat it. Raavi says that Dhara looks nice when she’s happy and she shouldn’t get angry since it’s not good for her baby. Dhara says that Raavi is sensible and takes good care of everyone, then why she left Shiva. Raavi tries to avoid the topic saying that she will go and dinner. But Dhara stops Raavi and says that she won’t let her go until she answers her. She asks if Raavi doesn’t like Shiva that much. Raavi says that she didn’t like Shiva’s dressing style and life style in the beginning, but later she didn’t have problem with these.

Dhara says that Shiva thinks that she has problem with these. Raavi says that Shiva failed to understand her. He has insecure and thinks lower of himself than her and her friends. Dhara says that he’s better than the other brothers and advises Raavi to talk to Shiva so that he can shares his heart’s feelings to her. Raavi says that Shiva refuses to talk and gets angry. He sent the divorce papers. She tried to maintain this relationship, but Shiva broke it. Shiva is so weak that he can’t fight for their relationship. She can’t keep relationship with Shiva who can leave anytime. Raavi leaves.

Shiva stops near a cloth shop and looks at the stylish men wear and recalls Raavi’s friends insulting him for his dressing style. Rishita sees Shiva and wonders what he’s doing here. The shopkeeper asks for whom he’s looking clothes as it’s not his style clothes. Shiva asks why he can’t change his style. The shopkeeper says that Shiva can change as Raavi returned home. Gautam comes back home tired. Raavi gets him water. Raavi asks why he seems tired. Gautam says that as Shiva burned the only bike they had, he has to go by walk for all the work related to the shop. Raavi asks if they can’t buy new bike. Gautam says that he’s saving money for Dhara’s pregnancy and delivery. Dhara hears this and gets angry. Gautam notices this and tries to convince Dhara.

That time Anita comes there and asks Dhara about her health. Dhara reacts angrily. Raavi asks if she has some work here. Anita says that Gautam sent Krish to the market to get a beauty cream for Dhara to maintain her face glow. She met Krish in the market and said that it’s not available in the market, but she got it, so she brought it. She gives this to Gautam. The latter thinks that Krish can’t keep his mouth shut. Anita acts saying that she doesn’t know that Dhara shouldn’t know about this and apologizes to Gautam. Dhara takes the cream from Anita’s hand and says that Gautam doesn’t like her face, so she should apply the cream immediately. Dhara leaves getting angry. Gautam gets sad. Raavi says that Dhara’s hormones are making her to react like this. Anita gets happy that her miraculous started to work.

Gautam and Raavi rush to Dhara hearing her scream. Dhara got allergy due to the beauty cream and argues with Gautam over this. Raavi brings ice cubes for her and applies it on Dhara’s face. Anita gets happy thinking that this all her medicine’s effort. Gautam suggests taking Dhara to the doctor. Dhara asks him toto go away. Gautam convinces Dhara by expresses his love and applies ice cube on Dhara’s face. Anita gets sad seeing this. Raavi takes Anita from there. Gautam says that he asked Krish to get cream as Dhara was feeling her face getting dry. He doesn’t know that Krish will tell to everyone about this. Root na jana plays in the BG. Gautam convinces Dhara.

Dhara sees a bangle seller and gets him inside the house and buys bangles. She buys earrings for Raavi. Dhara goes to get money. Rishita comes there and buys bangles. Dhara pays 100 Rs for the bangles and the earrings. Rishita asks Dhara to pay 500 Rs for her bangles. Dhara tries to negotiate with the bangle seller to give it for 200Rs. He refuses. Dhara says to Rishita that she will get the same bangles from the market for lower price. Rishita gets angry and accuses Dhara that she’s intentionally insulting her to show that she handles money.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita fights with Dhara and decides to work.

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