Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Amba plays a game with Natasha!


Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with, the beginning of Dai Handi Pratiyogita. Natasha and Dhawal both take part in the competition.  Amba stops people whoever cheers Natasha. Kaki insult Natasha for participating as a woman despite being a Makwana now. Suman says thaf it doesn’t matter if Natasha is a Makwana now. If she wins, both the families would win. Amresh keep staring at Natasha and Dhawal with a ridiculed face. Kaki says that Mithu and Sesh are so hopeless that they can’t even take part in any competition. 

Amba tries to instigate Urmi against Natasha. She says that they are all very done with Natasha . She never listens to anyone and always does whatever she wants. She asks her if she is ready to help Amba, this problem of both the families would be solved. Kaki tells Suman that both Chiku and Chutki’s parvarish had been done together but Chiku is nowhere to be seen. She asks why this partiality then ? Is it just because Chiku is not her own blood. Suman gets angry and says that yes she dod partiality with Chiku since he is not her own blood and he will never call him back. 

Chiku hears all of this and decides to act like an outsider and not a Pandya. He takes out petrol from his bike and then goes in front of the pandya store to burn it. He is just about to burn it when Amresh comes and asks him not to do it now since he would be asked by Amresh to do it when time comes and also be made the supervisor of his mall project. Natasha breaks the Dahi handi before Dhawal and wins. Then she gets down and starts dancing with her team. Dhawal asks Natasha of she is okay and whether she got hurt while being up there. Natasha says that she is perfectly alright and asks him to come down. 

Urmi vomes from behind and hugs Natasha. Then she cuts off Natasha’s tshirt from behind as asked by Amba without her noticing anything. Amba then screams that Natasha’s t shirt is torn. Natasha stares at her tshirt while Dhawal gets down and covers Natasha’s back with his own hand. Amba tells Amresh that they have given Natasha enough relaxation now she will teach her all the rules of being a bahu of the Makwanas. 

Recap : Amba tells Natasha that she has played with the image of the Makwana family while Natasha answers her .