Pandya Store 24th August 2022 Written Update: Rishita calls off the naming ceremony


Pandya Store 24th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita saying to Dev that Chutki’s special day should be only her special day and Dhara should not do anything wrong to spoil it. Kamini overhears this. She enters the room and meets Rishita and the baby. Meanwhile, the client is rebuking Raavi for not coming to the shoot after receiving the advance money. Dhara says to the client that Raavi is coming to the shoot. Dhara says to Raavi to go to shoot while she will handle everything.

Raavi hesitates to leave all the preparations work on her. Dhara says that her travel will take a half hour and her shoot will be for a half hour, so she will return in an hour. Dhara instructs Raavi to take out Chutki’s dress from the bag and keep it for the puja and keep Chiku’s dress in her room. She asks Raavi to take care to not mix their clothes. Raavi obliges. However, Raavi mistakenly drops a pair of Chiku’s clothes on the plate which has Chutki’s clothes. Irish covers that plate with a cloth.

The priest tells Kamini that the priest Gajra Ji isn’t well, so he has sent him on his behalf to perform the baby’s naming ceremony. Kamini thinks of creating a drama in the puja. She tells him that there are two babies. The priest says that he was told for one baby’s naming ceremony.

Kamini says that he must have a misunderstanding and says that the naming ceremony is for two babies. Rishita comes downstairs with Chutki. There Dhara makes Chiku ready for the Puja. She notices that his one pair of clothes is missing and thinks that maybe Raavi kept it somewhere else. Dhara comes downstairs with Chiku.

Rishita tells the priest that Chutki is the first baby of the next generation and he has to perform her naming ceremony. Meanwhile, Raavi is unable to concentrate and forgets her lines. The director asks her to calm down as she is taking multiple shots. Suddenly the camera doesn’t work. The director gets angry and leaves saying to call him after fixing it.

At the Pandya house, Shiva is angry with Raavi that she left for the shoot even on the special day. Suman asks about Raavi. Dhara says that she went out for work. Suman asks what they need to go now. Dhara says that she will return in half an hour. There Raavi wants to leave as she is getting late for the function.

The client says that she can’t as she signed a contract with them and asks to wait till they get a new camera. Here Rishita brings a cradle made of wood for Chutki. The priest asks only one cradle what about the other baby. Rishita says that it is only her daughter’s naming ceremony. Suman gift gold earrings for Chutki. Dhara says that she also bought a gold chain for Chutki and goes to get it. Kamini asks who will do Chutki’s naming ceremony. She says that this is done by an aunt and Chutki doesn’t have an aunt. Dev says that Dhara will do it. Shiva worries that Raavi didn’t come.

There Raavi records her video on her. She says to the client that she recorded the video with her product on her phone and will send it to her. She leaves handing the product to her. The client says to his team to spread on social media how unprofessional Raavi is so that no one gives her work hereafter.

Here Rishita notices that the priest did two arrangements and asks him about this. The priest says that he was asked to make arrangements for two babies. Rishita asks who told him this. The priest says that the lady is in the front row. He points at Kamini with his fingers. Kamini steps back. Dhara comes there. Rishita and Dev misunderstand Dhara had told the priest. Rishita calls off Chutki’s naming ceremony which shocks the family. Suman asks why she’s turning a good day into a bad day.

Rishita says that she doesn’t have any problem with Chiku, but Dhara wanted to do Chiku’s ceremony despite knowing all and told the priest without discussing it with the family. Dhara says to Rishita that she had a misunderstanding. Rishita says that Dhara does a mistake and acts to be innocent. Rishita sees that Chiku’s clothes are kept along with Chutki’s clothes and asks Dhara about the same. Kalyani blames Dhara for spoiling their family’s baby’s special day for an unknown baby. Suman warns Kalyani to not say anything against Chiku. Dev declares that Chiku’s naming ceremony will also take place.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman gifts a threat for Chiku and Chutki to remove evil eyes. Raavi says that Suman treats both the kids equally. Rishita says that partiality always happened in this house, so Dev got a silver chain while Gautam gold.

The episode starts with Dhara promising Shweta’s mother to take good care of Chiku till Shweta gets well. Shweta’s mother thanks Dhara for understanding her situation and leaves. Gautam says that this is going wrong. Dhara says that they can decide right and wrong late, Chiku is with her for, that’s the big deal. She says that she won’t come to lament to any of them after Chiku will leave. She further says to move on in their life and concentrate on Chutki and prepare for her naming ceremony. She asks to not forget how special Chutki is. She says that Chutki is special as she has her family with her for naming ceremony, but Chiku is orphan despite having a mom, an unknown family gave him his name.

Rishita says to Dhara to not put evil eyes on Chutki by mentioning how lucky and how happy she’s. She says that Dhara is more sad for Chiku being unlucky than Chutki being lucky. Raavi saying that Rishita is misunderstanding. Rishita says that she getting right. She says that if possible Dhara can even do Chiku’s name ceremony with Chutki is.

Raavi asks what’s wrong if she thinks so. Raavi takes Chiku and hugs him. Shiva also joins Raavi. The latter says that they can perform Chikki and Chutki naming ceremony together. Rishita says that Chutki is this family’s next generation first baby, so she should get first right on everything. She refused to share her baby’s special day with any other baby. Dhara says to Dev to not feel bad for her. She says that she got used to Rishita’s harsh words, but sometimes she crosses her limits. She asks how she can be so rude with a baby despite being a mother.

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