Pandya Store 24th March 2021 Written Update: Dhara doesn’t agree with Gautam’s decision

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 24th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hardik asking Gautam if Dev loves Rishita. Gautam says he loved her, but he will marry Raavi. Hardik says Dev will not be happy in this marriage. Gautam says he knows. Hardik asks then why he’s letting this marriage happen if he’s scared of the society. Gautam says he can’t risk his other brothers’ life for Dev’s happiness. He would’ve agreed if Dev loved someone else. He tells him about Janardhan’s warning. He furthers adds that Janardhan is very dangerous. Nothing is more important for him than his brothers, he raised them being their father, so he’s scared for them. He can sacrifice Dev, but can’t sacrifice his other brother’s for Dev’s love.

Dhara is disturbed recalling Dev’s confession and then Gautam’s decision. She says that if Dev doesn’t love Raavi, his marriage shouldn’t happen with Raavi. Raavi comes there and says crying she loved only Dev since she was a child. Dev will get Rishita then what about her. She doesn’t care about her feelings since she’s from her family. She accepted them as her family, but they made her stranger within a second. Dhara denies. Raavi disappears.

Rishita’s mom tells Janardhan that Rishita tried to escape two times and asks him to fix her marriage soon. Janardhan assures her than she can’t succeed to escape from here and adds that he has threatened Gautam. Rishita’s mom worries what if Rishita attempts suicide. Janardhan tells that he called her sister. She has brought a NRI’s alliance, they will do Rishita’s marriage with that NRI and will send Rishita out of the country. He’s confident that her sister will convince Rishita for the marriage. Janardhan’s sister arrives there.

Meanwhile Dhara decides to tell the truth to Raavi and stop the marriage. Dev is disturbed remembering Rishita. Shiva observes him. Dev gets Raavi’s call. Dev is about to tell her the truth Shiva snatches the mobile from Dev’s hand and throws it away.

Gautam asks Dhara where she’s going. Dhara says to tell the truth to Raavi. Gautam asks her to accept the fact that Dev’s marriage will happen with Raavi. Dhara says that she always supported him in his decision, but today she doesn’t agree with him. She will tell the truth to Raavi, because she has the right to know it and then she will Rishita’s hand for Dev to Janardhan. Gautam look shocked.

Janardhan tells her sister about Dev and Rishita’s love affair. Other hand Dev and Shiva get into an arguement. Shiva says that Dev thinks only about him. Mom is very happy and asks him to agree for this marriage at least for her sake. Dev says that mom will not be happy seeing him sad. Krish intervenes to stop them

Meanwhile Dhara says to Gautam that nothing is more important for her than Dev’s happiness. She blames herself for not understanding Dev’s feelings. She can’t punish for Dev her mistakes and let him destroy his life. Janardhan tells his sister that he has threatened Gautam, but Rishita is adamant that he will marry that cheap guy. Janardhan’s sister scolds Rishita’s mom. She firmly says that Rishita will not marry Dev as there’s no match between them.

Dev asks Shiva not to interfere in his matter. Shiva says he will interfere since his decision will affect everyone. He used to hate Prafula and her family, but agreed for the wedding for his sake. Dev says that he can’t cheat Rishita. Krish asks them to stop fighting. Other hand Dhara says to Gautam that love is needed for a successful marriage, and Dev doesn’t love Raavi. Gautam says that there was no love when they got married, but still their marriage is successful, love can happen even after the marriage, he loves her most in the world.

Dhara says that Dev isn’t like him, he can fulfill the marriage with Raavi without uttering a word, but he will never be happy. The brothers hear Dhara’s shout and worries. Gautam says Raavi is the correct choice for Dev. Dhara says sorry, she can’t agree with him. She leaves. Shiva asks Dhara where she’s going. She says to rectify her mistakes. Dhara’s leg slips due to the water and she falls down. The brothers rush to help her.

Rishita begs her bua to let her marry Dev. Her bua tries to make Rishita understand. Her mom threatens to kill herself. Janardhan says that Dev will die. Rishita looks shocked. Other hand, Gautam firmly says to Dhara that she will not go to talk to Raavi. Suman wakes up hearing shouts. Shiva says that he never saw Gautam and Dhara fighting and blames Dev for that. He’s about to hit Dev, but Dhara shouts stop. Suman comes there and asks Dhara why she’s shouting on her sons and where she wants to go.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi comes to Gautam’s house. Gautam gives his swear to his brothers that they don’t tell about Dev and Rishita to Raavi or Suman. Rishita’s bua asks Rishita to accept the marriage for now.