Pandya Store 24th March 2022 Written Update: Shiva gets ready for the wedding


Pandya Store 24th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva saying to Hardik that he knows that this shervani won’t fit him, so he got another one. He goes to get it. Dhara is making Raavi wear jewels, Raavi says that she was crying when she got married before and now she’s laughing. Dhara says that it’s because she loves Shiva now and she’s happy. Here Shiva brings another shervani and says to Hardik to change it. Hardik obliges. Raavi says laughing that she needs to talk to Shiva. Dhara leaves.

Anita finds Suman’s phone and gives it to her. Suman says that her phone isn’t working. She says that her sons must be trying to contact her. Prafulla taunts Suman saying that her sons won’t call her anymore they showed her real place to Suman. She says that she doesn’t care of Raavi anymore. Suman says that she can’t get rid off Raavi by getting her married to her son.

Gautam tries to convince Krish to dress up as bride. Krish runs away refusing. Gautam catches Krish. Shiva comes there and asks what is happening. Dev says that they’re playing with Krish. Dhara comes to them. Shiva says to Dhara to compliment Hardik’s look. Dhara takes Hardik apart to talk. Shiva says that he will go to talk to the bride till that. Dhara says to Shiva that he can’t be patient. She says to Shiva to come with her. He obliges. Gautam catches Krish again and says to Rishita to make Krish ready as bride as Shiva will definitely want to talk to the bride. Gautam further says that they have to find a way to spray laughing gas on Shiva. Dev says to Krish to spray it on Shiva when he will come to see the bride. He goes to get the cylinder.

Dhara says to Shiva to be with Hardik for moral support. Shiva asks how he can give moral support to Hardik when he broke his own marriage, what if Hardik runs away hearing his talks. Hardik says that he will is going to do it anyway. Dhara assures Hardik that everything will be fine. Shiva says to Hardik to listen to Dhara. He runs from saying that he will go to see the bride till that.

Krish is dressed up as bride. Dev gives Krish the cylinder and instructs him to spray it once Shiva will come. They hear Shiva. Krish sits on the bed covering her head. Shiva asks krish why she’s hiding her face from them. Rishita says that she must be nervous. Shiva says that he brought garland and floral chardal. He leaves.

Dev says to Dhara and Gautam that they couldn’t spray the laughing gas on Shiva since Rishita was with them. Shiva comes to them. Dhara says to Shiva that he can’t attend Hardik’s wedding with this clothes, but she forgot to get new clothes for him. She asks what to do now. Dev says that this shervani isn’t bad. Dhara says that it will perfectly fit him. Shiva asks how he can wear the groom’s clothes. Dhara says that he isn’t less than the groom and asks him to get ready. Shiva thinks in mind that Dhara hasn’t told the truth to the bride. Shiva says that he already once wore it for Dhara. He can do anything for Dhara. Shiva thinks in mind that he feels bad that Dhara is lying to him. Dhara apologies after Shiva left and says that she’s doing it for Shiva’s goodness.

Shiva comes wearing the shervani. Pandyas admire Shiva. Dhara and Shiva compliment his look. Then the Pandya brothers take Hardik to the wedding mandap dancing. Gautam makes Hardik sit on the mandap. The priest says to bring the bride. Shiva says that he will bring her. Dev runs before Shiva can go. Rishita also runs after Dev. Dhara stops Shiva from going to bring the bride. She says that Dev-Rishita will bring her. Shiva doesn’t listen to her and he goes to get the bride.

Dev instructs Krish to spray the gas on Shiva when he will come. Dev and Rishita come outside the room and wait. Shiva comes to Krish. Other hand Suman, Prafulla and Anita take lift in a car to reach the wedding venue. Dev and Rishita decide to go and check. Just then Shiva comes out holding the bride. Dev thinks that with the way Shiva is laughing it seems the effects of the spary start working on him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi and Shiva are exchanging garlands. Suman arrives and stops them. She says that this wedding won’t happen.

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