Pandya Store 24th September 2021 Written Update: Janardan threatens Pandya brothers


Pandya Store 24th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara saying that the bangles quality isn’t good, so she didn’t want to buy it. Rishita refuses to accept and says that Dhara wants to show her power on the money. Raavi says Rishita to talk calmly. Raavi says that Dhara is at fault, why she didn’t buy those bangles when Rishita liked it, Rishita always stand for Dhara when she wasn’t here. Dhara says that they are used to wear lower quality things, but Rishita not. She uses only branded things and the bangles seller raised the price on seeing this.

Rishita says the vendor was ready to give those bangles for 400Rs, but she can’t spend it for her, she insulted in front of him whereas she decided to not work for Dhara. The latter says to think whatever she wants and says she is pregnant and can take care of herself. She says Rishita to work, they don’t need to sacrifice anything for her. She apologizes for what happened and leaves. Raavi says Rishita to work, she will handle the household works. Rishita decides to work and phones to the person, who called for interview earlier and says that she’s coming. Rishita says that no matter what she will do this job, so that she doesn’t need to depend on others for sm

Rishita attends the interview. The interviewer asks her what she is doing and where she leaves. Rishita asks if they’re passing their time by asking such question and says that the can tell her if they have already have the job to someone else. The interview explains her about the job to which they’re taking interview. Rishita says that she has to do telemarketing. They nod yes. Raavi tells over phone to someone that she couldn’t come the next day. Dhara regrets that she didn’t buy bangles for Rishita. Raavi says that Dhara should respect others emotions too. Raavi adds that the good side of this incident is Rishita feld bad with what happened and went to attend a job interview. Dhara gets happy and wishes Rishita get that job. The interviewer says that Rishita’s salary will be 30k and she has to join from next day. He says that working hours is 9 to 5, only Sundays are holidays. Rishita happily agrees. Raavi hopes that Rishita doesn’t start her job the next day as the next is their court hearing. She asks Dhara to remind to Shiva about it and leaves. Dhara says that Shiva and Raavi should get seperated, but it doesn’t seem that the divorce can be stopped. Rishita says to his mom that she’s coming home.

Rishita comes to her house and calls out Keerti. Kalyaani says that Keerti isn’t at home. Kamini hides and sees this. Rishita tries to call Keerti. Kalyaani says that che can inform her later and urges her to leave now before her dad comes. Rishita says that she got her job and expresses her joy. Kamini smirks hearing this. Janardan’s man informs him that they’re losing their market to Gautam as he is helping other shopkeepers to get their goods for free with his goods order. The man asks Janardan to do something to stop Gautam.

Gautam, Dev and Shiva are in shop. Janardan phones Gautam. Gautam receives the call and puts the call on the speaker. Janardan threatens Gautam for spoiling his business. Shiva and Dev lash out at him. Shiva says that Gautam is going to become dad and Pandyas will snatch his market. Dev says that Gautam is participating in union election against him shocking Janardan. Dev says to Gautam that he should participate in the election at any cost. Kalyaani says Rishita to leave now and reminds her what happened last time when Janardan saw her here. Just then Janardan comes back home. He shouts at his men to open the door. Rishita pnaics and wonders how to leave now.

Kalyaani says Rishita to hide somewhere and blabbers in nervousness. Janardan shouts Kalyaani. Rishita goes out through the window and hides herself. Janardan shouts at Kalyaani and says that Pandyas are trying to snatch her market and he will punish them for that. He warns Kalyaani to not talk with Rishita. Rishita her as this and leaves. Kamini says that it’s good Rishita accepted the job. She says to send Keerti next day to Pandya residence with gifts, they should start meeting Rishita so that they can bring her hole before election. Kalyaani asks what if Janardan gets to know. Kalyaani says to bear his scolding and forget to get Rishita back.

Suman learns about Janardan threatening Gautam and scolds Janardan. Suman says that Gautam should participate in the election. Krish says to Suman to talk slowly as Rishita may hear her. Suman asks to call Rishita, where she’s. Raavi says that she gone for a job interview. Dev says that Rishita told him that she won’t now. Suman jokes saying that Rishita dominating Dev. They all laugh. Raavi stops laughing when she sees Shiva staring at her. Raavi goes out somewhere. Suman asks where she is going now. Raavi says that she’s going to get court’s papers as the next day is their court hearing. Family looks worried.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi gets shocked when Suman says that she goes to meet the priest to find an alliance for Shiva.

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