Pandya Store 25th February 2022 Written Update: Dev feels insecure


Pandya Store 25th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the vermillion falling over Raavi’s head. Dhara, Gautam, Dev and Krish smile. Raavi picks up the late and touches Suman’s feet to take her blessings. Raavi says that her griha pravesh and tilak happened together. Suman asks everyone to go and sleep now to witness a new drama morning.

Shiva comes to his room. Raavi is throwing Shiva’s clothes. Shiva asks how she dared to touch his clothes. He pins her to the wall and warns her to not try to overpower him. Raavi says to not come so close to her. Her heartbeat raises. She may kisses him. He wants her to kiss him so he comes so close to him. Shiva moves away. Raavi says that she is cleaning his cupboard so that she can arrange both of their clothes in the cupboard. Shiva asks Raavi to not touch his clothes. He asks her to stop forcing. Raavi says that it’s not wrong to fight for her rights. Shiva leaves from the room saying that Raavi is wrong.

Rishita is sleeping. She receives Dev’s call. Rishita explains that they’re not able to contact each other and when he called her the phone’s battery died. Dev asks if she’s alone in the room. Someone else was there when he called her. Rishita clarifies that she was in washroom, so Sagar received his call. Dev asks what Sagra was doing in her room. Rishita asks if he doubts her. Dev says that they will talk morning and disconnects the call. Rishita tries to contact Dev again, but he doesn’t receive it.

Dhara comes to Raavi. Dhara asks why she returned here. She asks what future Raavi has in this house, a unnamed relationship. Raavi says that she has come to give name to that relationship. If they unite again it will be unbreakable as they’re uniting with their will. Raavi says that he make Shiva confess his feelings for her and won’t leave anywhere till that.

Shiva is sleeping. Raavi lies next to him. She hugs him. Shiva opens his eyes. Raavi closes Shiva’s mouth to prevent him from screaming. She says that she’s his better half emotionally. She kisses him and leaves. The morning Dev phones Rishita and asks where she’s. Rishita says that she’s in the hotel and will reach home by evening. Sagar presents Rishita the scarf she admired. Rishita gets elated and thanks him.

Raavi gets on the street and says that they all need to know why she is staying at the Pandyas despite of her divorce. She says that she loves Shiva madly. Shiva, Suman, Dhara and Gautam look on shocked. The neighbors are disguised hearing Raavi’s love confession and taunts her. Raavi kisses Shiva. Gautam jokes saying that they have to close their eyes when Raavi-Shiva are around. Dhara says that this is new updated Raavi who wants to make Shiva hers at any cost. This is also proof for her innocence. A neighbor says that Suman’s daughter in law is shameless. Suman thinks of doing something else she won’t be able to show his face to people.

Shiva is packing lunch. Gautam asks him to have food, he will wait. Dhara comes to Shiva and says that he is showing his anger again on the food. She says that Shiva can solve the problem in a minute, She further says that Raavi would have confessed her love on the street if she signed the divorce papers. She says that Raavi is innocent. Shiva says that she thinks that everyone is pure hearted like her, but there are crooked people like Janardan, Prafulla. Raavi is the most crooked and he can’t understand her since childhood. He says that she already did a mistake by getting them married. He is rectifying it and asks Dhara to not repeat the same mistake again. He says that he wants peace and asks Dhara to end this. He doesn’t want to get in this forced relationship again because of Dhara.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sagar drops Rishita at home. Neighbors starts gossiping about it. Rishita says that she got promotion and she has to move for a while to Ahmedabad. Suman says that neither Dev nor Rishita will go anywhere.

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