Pandya Store 25th July 2022 Written Update: Shiva confronts Raavi


Pandya Store 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the key maker saying that it will take three hours to make new keys for Suman’s room’s lock. Dhara says that she can’t make all of them to wait till that. Suman finally agrees to break the lock and breaks it by herself. Everything is broadcasted live to Raavi’s social media audience. Raavi realizes that her live is still on and ends it. Suman gives everyone their money and they leave. Rishita keeps laughing on what happened. Suman glares at her. Raavi takes Rishita from there.

Raavi is on her way taking lunch for Shiva. The latter stops her in her midway and confronts about showcasing their family drama live to her social media followers. Raavi explains that it happened accidentally.

Shiva rebukes her for insulting Dhara and Suman and accuses Raavi of intentionally doing this. Raavi tries to explain Shiva that their family matters for her. She says that her live helped the vegetables seller to get more customer. She admits that sometimes she did mistake, but apart that she isn’t sorry for anything.

As Shiva is arguing with Raavi, a man interrups them recognizing Raavi. He asks to click a photo with Raavi and Shiva. Shiva refues and walks away. Raavi clicks a picture with him. She then goes after Shiva. She stops Shiva and says that she got her own identity through social media. Shiva strongly believes that Raavi is wrong, so he refuses to understand her point and angrily walks away taking the lunch bag.

Rishita and Dev are in the clinic. They get happy seeing the baby through the sonography test. Dev gets elated seeing the baby on the screen while Rishita gets happy tears. She worries that if she could be a good mother of her child. Dev assures Rishita that she will. Later Dhara gets emotional the sonography photos of baby. She says that Rishita will be a good mother.

Shiva checks Raavi’s photos online. He gets angry on seeing some negative comments under her posts. Raavi messages Shiva asking him to come inside. Raavi tries to talk to Shiva when he goes in. But Shiva refuses to talk to her. Shiva comes to Dhara. He tells that he fought with Raavi and seeks Dhara’s help to know who is at wrong.

Dhara refuses to give him any advice stating that she already made lot wrong decision in the past including getting Shiva married to Raavi which was a wrong decision at that time. She cries and blames her parenting for Krish’s act. Shiva says that he will handle his matter and asks Dhara to cry.

Shiva calls out Krish and asks Raavi where he is. Raavi says that she doesn’t know. Shiva taunts about Raavi being always on her phone. Shiva finds Krish outside the house. Shiva gets into an argument with Krish for making Dhara feels guilty for his act.

He shows the mark that he got due to lifting sacks on his back. He says that he decided to leave his study and work in the Pandya store on seeing Gautam lifting sack one day. He taunts Krish about leaving his study for a girl. He warns Krish to not make Dhara cry again. He lashes out at Krish.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara sees a tempo is about to hit a lady who is holding a baby. She saves them. The lady faints. Dhara takes the crying baby in her hands and shouts for help.

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