Pandya Store 25th March 2021 Written Update: Raavi and Shiva have a dispute

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

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The episode starts with Suman asking where Dhara wants to go. Krish is about to say Dev doesn’t want to marry Raavi, but Gautam cuts him and says that Dev wants to dance with Raavi in his wedding. Suman asks Shiva. Shiva says that they thought she will get angry, but it seems she agreed. Suman says that she doesn’t agree, and tells Dev he will not dance. Gautam says that they’re making him understand. Raavi comes there. She asks Dev how he can think about dance when Dhara has sprained her leg.

Meanwhile Janardhan says that he will kill Dev. Rishita says that he will not do anything like that and asks her bua to make him understand. Her bua assures her nothing will happen to Dev. She hugs Rishita and asks to agree as of now. The maid informs the boy’s family has come. Bua wipes Rishita’s tears and says that she had always fulfilled her wishes. She asks her to get ready and leaves.

Raavi says it’s not right to dance when Dhara couldn’t walk. Suman asks why none told about Dhara’s leg sprain. Raavi takes Suman’s blessings. Suman says that Raavi should come here before marriage to which Raavi replies she can’t stop herself from coming after knowing Dhara’s condition. Gautam gives his swear to his brothers and says they shouldn’t tell about Dev and Rishita to Raavi or Suman.

Rishita’s bua talk to the groom’s family and asks if they can fix the marriage for day after tomorrow, one week later they can take her with them, she will do all the arrangements. They agree. Rishita wonders what Bua is doing. Bua takes Rishita inside saying Janardhan can discuss with the groom’s about the remaining things.

Raavi cares Dhara saying that she will handle the household works. Dhara thinks that Raavi will get hurt after knowing the truth. Other hand Rishita asks her bua how she can do like that with her, she has promised to her. Bua says that she didn’t know any other way to stop Janardhan from becoming a killer.

Rishita’s Kalyani comes to them and says that they’re going for shopping and the boy is coming with them. Bua says that Rishita will also accompany them, so they can talk and understand each other. Rishita thinks this is the best opportunity to tell the groom about her and Dev’s love affair.

Raavi asks Dhara not to worry, because she will handle all the household works after her marriage, but for now she needs her permission. Gautam signs Dhara not to tell the truth to Raavi.

Raavi collides with Dev and Dev falls over Dhara. Everyone hears the noice. Dhara goes to check whether Shiva is troubling Raavi. Gautam helps her to walk. Dhara and Gautam get shocked on seeing the mess in the kitchen. Shiva acts rudely with Raavi. Dhara reprimands him and asks him to look after the work that are pending rather than troubling Raavi, they didn’t even get their clothes back from the tailor shop.

Krish says he will get it, but Raavi says she will go with Dev to get the dresses. Shiva and Raavi argue. Dev comes there and shouts stop it. Shiva shouts. Dhara says stop it. She says that Dev and Raavi can’t go out together after haldi ceremony. Krish says that hadli has no use. Dhara scolds him and asks to go and study. Raavi asks what Kridh saying, but Dhara covers it msking some excuse. Shiva leaves. Dhara ties holy thread around to Raavi and Dev. They leave.

Meanwhile Rishita and her family have come to the wedding card shop. Rishita asks to take the boy to have an ice cream. Bua agrees. Janardhan asks what she has done, she could tell the boy the truth. Bua assures him that she had handled everything.

Gautam advises Shiva to change his behavior with Raavi as she’s going to Dev’s wife. Dhara says to Gautam he felt bad for Raavi and making Dev understand and asks what if Dev ignores Raavi after the marriage. Gautam is certian that his brother will keep the marriage and the love will come with time. Dev and Raavi have come to the tailor shop. Raavi keeps talking with him. She asks him why he’s not saying anything, if he’s not happy with this marriage.

Dev thinks that he can’t hurt his mom telling the truth to Raavi. Other hand Rishita tries to tell the truth to the boy, but stops seeing her bua coming that way. The boy says that he knows she loves someone else, her bua already told him and adds that he doesn’t care about her past. Bua comes to them and says the boy is sensible. Rishita gets shocked noticing Dev and Raavi together in bike.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara asks Gautam to let her tell the truth to Raavi. Gautam says that she will not do anything like that else Janardhan will kill Dev. Dhara looks shocked.