Pandya Store 25th March 2022 Written Update: Dhara feels guilty and aborts the plan


Pandya Store 25th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev thinking that Shiva seems to be under the laughing spray’s effect on seeing the way he smiles. Shiva, Rishita and Dev take krish to the wedding mandap. Hardik gets scared. Gautam and Dhara assure Hardik that they won’t get him married. Dhara says to Gautam that Shiva seems normal, he isn’t laughing. Gautam says her to wait. Krish sits on the wedding mandap. Hardik asks Krish if he sprayed the laughing gas on Shiva. Krish doesn’t answer. Hardik gets nervous. Rishita assures them that soon the gas will start his effect on Shiva.

Dhara regrets accepting this laughing gas idea. Shiva says to Dev to take photo Or video of the wedding. Dhara says that they forgot to hire a photographer in hurry. Shiva says that nowadays they don’t remember anything in hurry. Pandyas look on confused. Shiva says that they can at least clicks photos in their phone. Shiva says to Krish to show his face at least now as he is getting married. Gautam says that the bride is very shy type and old fashioned. He suggests clicking a selfie with her veil on. Shiva joins them. He asks Hardik why he’s scared. He says him to smile. Hardik smiles looking at Gautam. They click a photo.

The priest says the couple to get up to perform seven holy rounds. Shiva does their gathbandhan and asks them to stand up. Pandyas help them to get up. Pandyas look worried. Dev says to Gautam to handle here and goes to get the spary. Shiva urges Hardik and Krish to take the rounds. Dhara says to Gautam to do something else this wedding will happen. Krish starts to laugh. Rishita says that soon Shiva will also have the effects. Dev comes back hiding the spray. Shiva thinks that his family doesn’t acknowledge the truth yet. Dev and Gautam plan to spray the laughing gas again on Shiva. On knowing this the latter starts laughing. After seeing this Pandyas feel relived. Shiva thinks of shocking Raavi by revealing his decision if she comes to the mandap in her full sense.

Suman, Prafulla and Anita are on the way. Suman pretends to have pain in chest and says to the driver to drive in full speed. Here Raavi is brought to the mandap. Shiva and Raavi are laughing madly. The priest says them to exchange garlands. They oblige. Dhara makes Shiva and Raavi put their hands together. The priest says them to get up for holy rounds. Shiva looks at Dhara and says laughing that Dhara always taught him to walk on the path of truth. Dhara feels guilty on hearing this. She stops Shiva.

Dhara goes to Gautam and says that she always taught him to walk on the path of truth and asks how she can push him in the path of lies. She says that this is wrong. She says that they’re his family, they can tell them what’s right and wrong and support them. But they can’t decide for them. This is wrong. Dhara goes to Raavi and Shiva and removes their gathbandhan. Dhara says to Shiva that he needs to know the truth of this wedding. This isn’t Hardik’s wedding, but Raavi and his’ wedding which they all have planned. She tells him all the truth. She says that the wedding won’t happen until they come to their sense and decide. Shiva stops laughing and says that he is aware of the truth shocking the Pandyas.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva and Raavi are exchanging garlands. Suman comes and stopd them. She says that this wedding won’t happen. Raavi says that she has decided to die if this marriage won’t happen and shows a bottle. She faints. All looks on shocked.

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