Pandya Store 25th October 2021 Written Update: Pandya family faces crowd’s wrath

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 25th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the writer explaining Gautam and Dhara the scene of Sita’s agnipariksha. Gautam recalls doctor’s words and worries. Dhara says that she saw everything and asks Gautam to not hesitate to say. The director says that this the correct mood and line. Gautam thinks that it’s not easy to say and says that they should lose hope. The director says that it’s not his line and asks Gautam to go through the script. He wishes them luck and leavesleaves asking to turn on the mikes of Dhara and Gautam.

Dhara asks Gautam who was that girl. Everyone hears this. Krish says that this scene should be of Sita’s agnipariksha and it become Gautam’s scene. Raavi asks Anita if she’s happy after creating rift between Gautam and Dhara. Anita denies it. Shiva wonders what this new problem. Rishita asks about which girl Dhara is talking. Prafulla gets happy. Janardan instigates the crowd against Gautam. He says that Dhara questions Gautam about a girl and they should let Gautam play role of Ram. He asks to attack the Pandya family with the tomatoes. Prafulla opens the curtains and asks to see what’s happening. Dhara asks again who is that girl. Gautam says that Dhara is the only girl with whom he has relation. The director laments. Dhara cries.

Gautam asks what she’s doing. He asks her to say her lines and come to the stage. He reads his line. Dhara refuses to go away from Gautam and kills that girl who is coming between them. Gautam is worried how to handle Dhara’s mood swings. Shiva aims the arrow at Gautam and says that he’s doing wrong with Dhara by making her cry, he asks Gautam to tell the truth about which girl Dhara is talking. Gautam says that Dhara isn’t enough that Shiva came and asks to do Ramlila. Shiva demands to answer. Gautam wonders how to make Shiva understand. Dhara says that she won’t leave the house even if he does wrong with her. Suman says that in wrong time Dhara is having mood swings.

The crowd start shouting and they ask Suman if she has given this type of sanskaar to Gautam. Disha asks what Dhara is saying and she’s saying now. Rishita asks Dev to handle Shiva. Dev tries to calm down Shiva. Shiva refuses and says that whoever makes Dhara cry has to face him even if it’s Gautam. Dev agrees and says that they won’t any wrong to happen with Dhara. Dev and Krish also demand Gautam to answer. Gautam says that they are gone, they’re blabbering. The director comes and laments asking Gautam and Dhara why they’re not saying their lines. The crowd starts questioning Suman why they accepted to play Ramlila when they can’t, if she can’t control her family. They say that they will beat her family not only with tomatoes, but with shoes too. Suman cries. Janardan mocks Suman saying that she said crowd will claps her for her family, but he can only here bashings. He asks the crowd to not be quite. Dhara leaves. Shiva, Dev and Krish go after her.

Prafulla stops Suman and asks where she’s running away. Suman denies and says that she’s waiting for Ravana’s sister. Prafulla gives a mocking smile. The Pandyas stand in front of the crowd. The crowd scolds them. One woman says that Gautam can’t do Ram’s role as he is having affair with another woman. Another one says that they brought shame on Somnath. The director asks the crowd to calm down. Dhara taunts Gautam with the girl. The director shouts at Dhara and asks to keep her problem aside and says that because of Gautam and Dhara’s personal problem, the Ramlila got interupted. Dhara and Gautam apologize to the didirector and the crowd. Dev also apologize to the crowd for what happened. The director convinces the crowd to sit back and have patience.

Disha gets her dad’s call. Suman asks her to go and attend. Disha leaves. Suman cries that her sons made her head bow due to shame. She says with determination her family will win not Janardan. Krish chants Siya Ram ki Jai. Gautam puts the Ravan’s effigy on fire. The crowd clap. Gautam asks Dhara to smile. Dhara says that Gautam hasn’t told yet who’s that girl. Gautam says that he can’t believe that she still doesn’t believe him and asks if he has to give agnipariksha to win her trust. Dhara says that Sita was pure, so she can give agnipariksha and asks if he can give it for her. She asks him to answer. Gautam thinks that he has all the answers, but he can’t say to her, it’s about their baby and his eyes get wet seeing her. Gautam walks away recalling doctor’s words other hand Dhara recalls Kanta’s daughter-in-law’s words. Family notices Gautam walking towards the burning Ravana’s effigy and calls out his name. Gautam keeps walking recalling Dhara questioning him and her words. Dhara sees Gautam standing near the burning effigy and calls out Gobi.

The episode ends.

Precap: Family tries to stop Dhara from going to Gautam. Dhara says that she demanded agnipariksha, so only she can convince Gautam. Disha says that Suman got stuck between the crackers and effigy. Family look shocked.

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