Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Written Update: Kamini searches for brides for Shiva


Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Suman stopping Raavi who is leaving and asks her where she is going. She says she is going to bring court papers and tomorrow is the hearing. Dhara tells Suman that tomorrow is the hearing. Suman asks Shiva whether he will get divorce and tells him that he won’t be alone. Gautam asks him to take back the divorce. Dhara asks him to understand the change in Raavi. She says that she has problem with his insecurity. She says she thinks he has inferiority feeling. Krish explains Suman the meaning to which Suman gets offended. Suman tells Shiva that she will get him married in days and calls the Pandit and asks him to come home. She says it’s for Shiva. Raavi hears her. Suman says her son is diamond but he got glass piece because of whjch he was not able to take it up. Shiva and Raavi goes in both different directions.

Gautam asks his mother what was she doing and it will get more worse. She tells him that it has already gone worse. Rishta comes into the house and distributes sweets jn the family and tells them that she got a job. Everyone looks at her with silence. Dhara congratulates her and says she is very happy. She takes a sweet and about to eat but Kamini pushes it away saying her health will get bad. Rishta says that she got a job and they are standing there silently. Dev says one will look happy only when the thing is done with everyone’s acceptance. Rishta says then money should be with everyone, why only with Dhara. She says she is doing job so that she can have money. She says she don’t want to relay on Dhara for money. Kamini calls Krish and whispers something in his ears. Gautam tells her that if she wants to work then she can but if she is doing it for money then he will give her money every month. Dhara brings Kangans for her and apologises to her. She tells her that they are not deserving for money. Rishta says those Kangans are just her realisation that how much career matters. Krish blows a tube and she shouts at him. Kamini says she gas asked to do it. She says she doesn’t understand how she liked him.

Shiva gets a call from someone. Raavi asks him why he is sitting there and asks her to tell on her face. She says she has her brain in her knees and that’s why she brought milk for him. Shiva thinks that she has become like Dhara. She keeps the milk on the floor and about to leave to which he stops her. She asks what happened. He says even her head minght be aching. He gives her the milk and asks her to drink. She keeps lookung at him to which he leaves from there. She asks him he might be very happy to which he asks her whether she is not happy. They both stand alone and stare at the moon. She leaves from there saying she needs to sleep.

Rishta gestures to Raavi with a whistle to which he says they were fighting. She tells him that everyone fights in their relationship but there stays love. He says he doesn’t understand the love.

Rishta sets alarm amd says it is not her Mother’s house. Dev comes there to which she mocks him and gies back to sleep.

Next morning Raavi sweeps the floor way too fast to which Kamini asks her whether she wants to kill her. She brings tea for her. Kamini tells her that she is going to meet a Pandit for Shiva’s Marriage.

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