Pandya Store 26th August 2022 Written Update: Shiva and Raavi misunderstand each other


Pandya Store 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi and Shiva arguing. Dhara stops their fight and sends Shiva away. Raavi complains to Dhara that Shiva fights with her even for small matters. Dhara says that Shiva is like a kid and he is just seeking her attention. Raavi says that the distance between them keeps increasing and she doesn’t see any way to decrease it. She says that Shiva doesn’t care about her anymore. She leaves. Dhara thinks of talking to Gautam about it. 

Suman and Krish come to Shweta’s house. Shweta’s mom asks if Chiku is fine. Krish corrects her that his name is Yashodan and taunts her that they didn’t even think of doing his naming ceremony, so his mom did it grandly. Suman asks how they can leave their baby with an unknown family.

She says that Dhara is getting attached to the baby and she doesn’t want Dhara to get hurt emotionally again. She asks her to either take back the baby or give him to Dhara and Gautam for adoption. Shweta hopes that her mother agrees to the adoption. Shweta’s mom asks Suman to give her some time to make Shweta understand. Suman reminds Shweta’s mother that she gave her Devki and Yashoda’s lecture. She says that this is the time to become Devki and gives them Chikhu, else takes him back immediately. 

Dhara tells Gautam and Dev about Shiva and Raavi’s conflict. Gautam suggests sending Shiva and Raavi for a dinner date. Dev says that it’s not enough and recommends sending them to a resort. Gautam agrees. Shweta is getting ready to go to a party. Shweta’s mother scolds Shweta’s for refusing to accept her child’s responsibility. She tells her about what Suman told her. Shweta makes the excuse of still being in trauma and asks for time to recover from it. She leaves. Shweta’s mother is determined to make Shweta realize her responsibility. 

Gautam and Dev try to convince Shiva to go the resort. Shiva refuses to believe that Raavi agreed to go to the resort with him since she’s always busy on her phone. Gautam lies that Raavi must have already left for the resort. Meanwhile, Dhara is trying to persuade Raavi to go to the resort. She says that Shiva must have left for the resort. She further says that Raavi is always complaining about Shiva, but he is making efforts, she doesn’t do anything.

There, Dev says that W sea resort is famous for the couple and wishes that he and Rishita could have gone there. He gives the resort address to Shiva. Gautam and Dev hope that Shiva will go. Here Dhara says to Raavi that they would have refused Shiva if they had known that Raavi wouldn’t go. Raavi agrees to go. Raavi says that he didn’t have time to get ready and get any gift for him. Dhara says that she looks beautiful naturally and asks her to go. She gives Raavi the address. 

Raavi is sitting in the restaurant of the resort waiting for Shiva. The latter comes and apologizes to her for making her wait. Shiva apologizes to Raavi for his act. Raavi says that he doesn’t need to be sorry, she’s happy that he has come. Shiva orders juice and two straws. They drink the juice together. They dance. Shiva feeds food to Raavi. It all turns out to be Raavi’s dream. Shiva reaches there in an autoricshaw. While paying for the auto driver, the resort address falls down. Shiva enters the wrong resort and waits for Raavi. 

At home, Dhara says to Gautam and Dev that she kept Raavi’s phone with her, so that Raavi can focus on Shiva. Gautam asks if he turned off the phone so that Raavi’s clients call and disturb them. Dhara nods yes. Dev hopes that they will reconcile by now. In the resort, Shiva phones Raavi and finds her phone switched off. Shiva misunderstands that Raavi told the family that she was going to the resort, but went somewhere else to make her video. He enquires a waiter if his wife Raavi had come. He checks the list and says no. There, Raavi misunderstands that Shiva has sent her alone to make her feel embarrassed. She says that she hates him. Here Shiva says that he won’t forgive Raavi for what she did that day. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Dhara gets worried as Shiva returned home, but Raavi hasn’t returned yet. A man calls out to Raavi. Raavi gets scared and runs. She gets her head hit on a standing truck and faints. Shiva is looking for Raavi. 

The episode starts with Suman saying that Chiku is this family’s baby till he is with Dhara. Dev declares that Chiku’s naming ceremony will take place that day. Dhara refuses. She says that it’s only Chutki’s special day. Rishita says that Dhara is aware of this and asks to stop her drama.

Suman says that she will decide Chiku’s name and asks Dhara to choose Chutki’s name. Dev says to Rishita to accept the name Dhara will choose. Rishita reminds him that if she doesn’t like the suggested name, she will keep her choice of name. Dhara says to let Rishita choose Chutki’s name. Suman asks Krish to get the stick. Dhara Saachi. All likes that name except Rishita’s family. Suman says that it’s finale that Chutki’s name is Saachi and names Chiku as Yashodan. Just then Raavi comes back home. She says that she bought a pendant and earrings for Chutki with her earning. She gifts them to Chutki. Suman says that they should most importantly give Chiku their family values and love.

Guests taunt Raavi. One lady says that Raavi is excited to earn money that she forgot to even change clothes. Another says that Raavi earns money to make dance Suman to her tune. Suman asks Dhara to sit in the puja. Dhara hesitates. Dev makes Dhara sit. Dev puts Saachi in the cradle. Shiva asks Yashodan to rock the cradle to his sister Saachi. Dhara rocks the cradle holding Chiku’s hand. Rishita looks unhappy. Pandyas perform Janmashtami puja.

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