Pandya Store 26th March 2021 Written Update: Dhara hides the truth from Suman

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 26th March 2021 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rishita getting shocked on seeing Dev and Raavi on bike. Bua also notices them and smirks. Rishita gets teary eye and leaves from there. The boy says to bua that he liked Rishita’s honesty.

Dhara is disturbed recalling Dev’s confession and Raavi’s words. Gautam comes to her. He cares Dhara, but she’s angry with him. He applies ointment on her leg. Gautam says that Raavi was very happy. Dhara says Dev was sad. Gautam asks her to accept that even God wants Dev and Raavi’s marraige to happen. Dev is his brother and he wants his happiness.

Dhara says if it’s true, let her tell the truth to Raavi. Gautam says she can’t do this else Janardhan will kill Dev. Dhara gets shocked. He says that he ignores Dev’s happiness to save him. He doesn’t want to tell her about it, but she forced him. He tells about Janardhan’s warning. He says Dhara brought Dev up being his mom and asks her to decide whether she wants Dev’s life, or his love.

Anita gets sad recalling how she rejected Gautam. Prafula comes to her and asks Anita to think how to throw Dhara out of the house. Anita says that she tried lot, but couldn’t. Prafula says she couldn’t have used the fact that Dhara can’t become mom. Anita says she couldn’t face them, as she has ennemity with that family. Prafula asks her to learn from Raavi, who sticked on Dev and followed her heart. Anita says that she’s not Raavi, she’s Anita.

Gautam finds Krish talking over phone to his friend and sharing their family problems. Gautam scolds him for telling to everyone about their family issues. Suman overhears them. Krish asks if everything will be fine. Gautam assures him they will find a way. Dhara is in dilemma whether to choose Dev’s life or his love and cries.

Gautam complains to Hardik that Dhara is stubborn and refuses to accept his decision. Hardik asks him not to forget that he’s Dhara’s brother. Gautam says that he’s also his friend so he can complain about his wife to him. Hardik agrees. He asks why they have come to Jagat. Gautam says that he has some financial problems, so he has come to ask if he needs money for marriage preparations.

Suman calls out Krish and asks what they all are hiding from him. Krish says nothing. Suman tries to trap him in words to make him confess the truth. She asks him to give the stick and beats him. Krish is abour to spill the beans, but Shiva cuts him and handles the situation by cooking a story.

Gautam and Hardik overhear Jagat talking over phone to a money lender. Gautam gives 5 lakhs cheque to Jagat. Suman doesn’t trust Shiva’s story and asks him to tell the truth. Dhara says that Shiva is saying the truth. Suman says that she trusts Dhara and leaves from there. Jagat refuses to accept the cheque. Gautam says that he doesn’t need to feel ashamed both family are same and he can ask him if he needs more honey. Jagat thanks him and hug Guatam.

Prafula comes there. Jagat informs her about the cheque. Prafula lies that they don’t need money. Hardik snstches the cheque saying that maybe it’s auspicious to take cheque from nephew. Prafula says it’s auspicious to reject it and take the cheque back. Anita brings juice for them. Anita stumbles, and Hardik holds her. Gautam looks on.

Dhara feels guilty for lying to Suman and cries. Shiva cherrs her up. He says that she had lied for family’s happiness. He asks her why she doesn’t accept Gautam’s decision; he’s right. He gets a call and goes to check lights decorator. He bumps into Raavi and chunri falls over Shiva and Raavi. Before Shiva could scold her, Raavi imitates him and jokes. Shiva leaves from there.

Meanwhile Rishita is breaking all the things remembering Dev’s words and then Dev and Raavi on bike. She cries. Other hand Dev tries to contact Rishita. Kalyani has the phone, she cuts his call. Dev wonders whether Rishita got to know about his wedding and thinks in that case only Dhara can help him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dev requests Dhara to call off the wedding. Dhara comes to Janardhan and begs to give Rishita’s alliance for her Dev. Janardhan and bua angrily look at her

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