Pandya Store 26th November 2022 Written Update: Dev and Gautam try to catch Nithin


Pandya Store 26th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Dhara phoning Gautam. She says to Gautam that she will send him Nithin’s address and asks him to go there and catch Nithin. Dhara says that Nithin resigned from his job and he is going abroad. Gautam is shocked to hear this and agrees to do as Dhara says. Dev asks what happened. Gautam doesn’t tell him anything as Shiva is in the shop. Gautam takes Dev along with him. So Krish is asked to look after the Chutki. Shiva feels bad that Gautam and Dev are hiding something from him. Krish laments to Chutki about his relationship with Shweta breaking after Dhara and Raavi’s return. Shiva scolds him for lamenting to the baby. Krish asks him not to shout at him since he is at his side. Shiva reacts angrily and asks Krish not to interfere in his matter. 

Shweta’s mom hesitates to change Chiku’s custodian and gives it to Shweta. She says to Shweta’s dad that she needs some time to think. Just then, Shweta arrives there. She says that she brought Undhiyu, which Dhara used to make. She made it by asking for the recipe from Suman. She bought another tiffin for Raavi who is alone at home with Chiku, since Dhara and Rishita went to buy furniture for their new house with Chiku’s money. Shweta’s mom is shocked to hear this and asks how Dhara can be irresponsible for leaving Chiku along with Raavi, who isn’t well. 

In the hospital, Rishita diverts the hospital staff’s attention by acting like mad while Dhara goes to the room where the CCTV cameras can be watched. Here, Shweta acts, defending Dhara and says that soon Gautam will also move to Dhara’s house soon. She sees the custodian’s paper and pretends to be shocked to see it. She asks what it’s doing here.

Dhara lies to the staff that she’s coming from the administration department and the police come to enquire about doctor Desai’s accident. She asks him to show her the CCTV footage of the days when Raavi got operated and when doctor Desai’s accident’s happened. Gautam and Dev reach Nithin’s house and ring the door bell. Nithin, who gets ready to leave taking his things, is shocked. 

Shweta asks her dad not to force mom to change Chiku’s custodian to her name, as mom doesn’t trust her. She asks her mom to eat the dish she made. Shweta’s mom eats the dish and is surprised that Shweta made such a tasty dish. In the hospital, Dhara is shocked to learn that the CCTV footage of those days have been erased. Rishita gets shocked when the police arrive at the hospital. Just then, Dhara arrives and lies that Rishita is mentally sick to the police to save Rishita from getting arrested. She takes Rishita from there. 

At Nithin’s house, as Nithin doesn’t open the door, Dev and Gautam goes inside by breaking the deal. Nithin runs away on seeing them. Gautam and Dev chase them. Dhara and Rishita are on their way in the auto. Dhara says to Rishita that Shweta and Nithin deleted all their footage from  the CCTV cameras and grows anxious about whether Gautam and Dev caught Nithin or not. 

Gautam chases Nithin. Nithin gets into a running auto. Gautam gets on the bike with Dev and chases Nithin. Gautam holds Nithin’s bag and pulls it. Dev loses the balance of the bike and they fall down when a passerby arrives in front of the bike. Dhara and Rishita stop the auto on seeing Gautam and Dev. Dhara asks them if they caught Nithin. They say that he escaped. Dev asks Dhara about the CCTV footage. Dhara says that Shweta and Nithin erased them. 

Gautam, Dev, Rishita, Raavi, Dhara and Krish have a discussion about what to do next. Rishita says that Dhara should fake her death, which shocks everyone. 

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita is preparing fake blood. A suddenly a dummy human body falls next to her. Rishita gets scared and screams. Rishita and Dev are arguing. Shweta comes there to check Rishita’s scream. 

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