Pandya Store 27th March 2021 Written Update: Dev requests Dhara to stop the marriage

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 27th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalyani coming to Rishita. She says to Rishita in-laws have sent costly sarees and diamonds which can’t afford by Dev’s family. That’s the difference between her and their’s choice. Rishita says that Dev is a well educated and he can come anywhere for her. She doesn’t care about his family, only dev matters to her. Kalyani says nothing will happen with breaking the things, and asks her to accept the alliance they have chosen for her. Rishita thinks that she should meet Dev, she can’t someone else.

Dhara asks Raavi to go home and get ready. Raavi asks Dhara to let her help and become her photocopy. Since when she was kid, she has been dreaming to become like her.

Prafula says that she got Hardik alliance for her. He has house and shop on his name and she can take revenge on Dhara after marriage. Anita refuses to marry Hardik. However Prafula is determined to get Anita married to Hardik.

Raavi comes dressed up like Dhara. The latter says that she looks like her. Raavi says only mangalsutra and vermilion are missing and Dev will give her that. She goes to cook. Shiva comes there. He keeps talking mistaking Raavi for Dhara. Shiva eats the paratha made by Raavi and praises it. He says he will always eat the food made by her hands and will never eat what Raavi will make. He back hugs ssying i love you. Raavi says i love you too. Shiva realizes she’s Raavi and scolds her.

Raavi serves paratha to Krish. The latter says he’s full. She asks him to finish the paratha fast as they have to dance. He says he can’t. She insists Krish to dance with her. They dance on the song dol bhaje. Raavi then asks Dhara and Gautam to dance with her. Dev looks unhappy. Shiva comes there and he pushes Raavi. Raavi asks Dev to join them in dance, but he refuses and walks away. Raavi asks what happened to Dev.

Krish says that he’s dressed. Dhara and others asks him to shut. Shiva asks Raavi to leave now. Raavi asks Dhara why Dev is stressed. Dhara says he’s stressed with the marriage. Raavi says that he may worry that she will cry during the vidaai. She asks Dhara to make him understand she will not cry. She receives Anita’s call and leaves.

Dev is sadly sitting looking at Rishita’s photo. Dhara comes to him and says that he should accept Gautam’s decision. He cuts saying he can’t. He apologizes for putting them in trouble. He requests Dhara to stop the marriage. He has promised to Rishita and he can’t cheat her. Dhara says that her dad is very dangerous and they worried for him. Dev says that he’s not coward to back off and he trusts that Dhara will never any wrong happen with him, that’s why he hasn’t tell the truth to Raavi. He requests her not to break his trust. He cries and Dhara hugs him.

Rishita opens the window, but closed on seeing Keerti. The latter has brought food for her and asks her to eat. Rishita requests Keerti to let her speak to Dev once. She snatches her mobile and tries to contact Dev, but the network is weak. Rishita notices the door is open. She pushes Keerti and tries to run away. However her dad comes and fails her plan. He slaps her and threatens to kill her if she tries to run away again.

Dhara comes to the temple. She prays to God. She says that she failed to understand Dev and she has to rectify her mistake. She asks God to give her strength to unite Dev with his love Rishita.

The gaurd informs Janardhan that Gautam’s wife has come to see him. Janardhan asks the guard to chase her away. Janardhan’s sister asks him to let her come inside. Dhara greets them. She thanks them for agreeing to meet her. Keerti watches them from upstairs. She says that Dev and Rishita love each other, and because of her misunderstanding, Dev’s marriage got fixed with Raavi. Dev has told her everything. She says that she will convince her family members and begs them to accept Dev and Rishita’s alliance. She assures Dev will keep Rishita happy. Rishita’s bua slaps Dhara.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva and Dev come to Janardhan. Dev beat Janardhan for humiliating Dhara. He says he cuts all ties with his daughter. Rishita is shocked.

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