Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Update: Rishita’s plan to fake Dhara’s murder


Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Krish telling Dhara about the discussion between Shweta and Nithin that he overheard. Dhara says that Shweta could have directly told her if she wanted money as she was not interested in it. She says that she doesn’t understand why she is trying to break up their family. Gautam says that Shweta’s actions prove her immaturity. Rishita says that they have to prove such people the value of relationships by killing someone. Dhara asks Rishita what she means. Rishita says that Dhara should die, shocking everyone. Gautam asks why Dhara should die. Rishita says that Dhara should die for Shweta to confess her truth.

Dhara says that she loves them all a lot and asks her not to kill her for real. She says that her soul won’t get peace without Suman’s forgiveness. Rishita reassures Dhara and says that she shouldn’t fear as she is in a professional’s hands. She says that there are two problems now; Shiva and Suman. She says that they can’t execute their plan till they are at home and asks them to find a way to make them leave the house for a while. Raavi wonders where to send them and who to convince mom. Krish says that Suman wanted to visit a temple. Rishita accepts Krish’s suggestions and plans to send Shiva along with Suman to visit the temple.

Dhara asks Rishita how she should die. Rishita says that Dhara should die. Dhara is shocked. Gautam asks Rishita what her plan is. Rishita says that they have to get an effigy of Dhara’s height and size. They should place the effigy in the hall with a knife planted into its stomach and turn off the lights. Shweta will be sacred to see the effigy and will remove the knife from the effigy’s stomach. They will exchange Dhara with the effigy wshe she goes to turn on the lights. She explains that Shweta’s finger prints will be got on that knife, so she will think that they will blame her for Dhara’s death. Krish asks what if Shweta doesn’t remove the knife. Rishita assures them that she will definitely remove it as any human will have the reflection to remove the knife when he sees a knife planned anywhere. She says to Dhara that they will keep the back door open. She asks her to come into the house through the back door and lay in the place of the effigy. They all agree to this plan and join their hands to show their support. 

Pandyas are trying to convince Suman and Shiva to go to visit the temple, but they refuse. Shweta gets suspicious and is scared of the Pandyas who are on Dhara’s side. On the other hand, Dhara gets ready to go to the office as she’s getting bored at home. Dhara asks her to wait till she prepares her lunch. Arnab phones Raavi. Dhara asks Raavi to receive the call. Raavi refuses. She says that she doesn’t want to tell Arnab about Shiva throwing her out of the house and gets his sympathy. She says that she will tell him if he asks when she goes to the office.

Here, Shweta says that she will accompany Suman to the temple if Shiva doesn’t want to go. Gautam, Rishi and Krish together shout no. Gautam says that Shweta can’t go. He asks who will handle the house if she goes as Rishita is on strike. Gautam assures Shweta that they will help her to do chores. Suman warns Gautam not to bring Dhara and Raavi back to the house in her absence. 

Dhara is bragging to the vegetable seller. The neighborhood women taunt Dhara about leaving Pandya’s house. Dhara tells them that she didn’t leave the house, but got a new house. At Pandya’s house, Gautam reminds Suman that Dhara can’t go against Suman’s order and return home and about Raavi, she is sad and won’t return till Shiva goes to convince her. Shiva mockingly says that Raavi isn’t the only  person who is sad. Gautam asks Shiva to shut up. Rishita assures Suman that Dhara won’t return to this house in her absence and asks Suman to pray for the family. Suman gets emotional and agrees to go on the holy trip. In the market, the neighborhood women ask Dhara to be careful with the thieves, as Krish recently got married and Shweta must have brought a lot of things from her house. Dhara asks them to mind their business. Two thieves hear this and plan to rob Dhara’s house. They follow Dhara. 

Arnab arrives at Pandya’s house to see Raavi as the latter isn’t answering his calls. He stands at the entrance wondering whether to go inside or not. Dhara sees Arnab and prevents him from going inside. She says to Arnab that Raavi isn’t in the house. Arnab asks where Raavi is then. Dhara is scared that Shiva will start to fight with Arnab if he sees him and their plan will be spoiled. Dhara takes Arnab aside. She says to Arnab that she and Raavi are living in the house which is at the end of the street. Dhara urges Arnab to go there in his car. Shiva gets angry on seeing Dhara taking Arnab. 

Rishita is in her room and preparing fake flood. She gets screams, getting scared and the fake blood pours on the floor when Dev enters the room with effigy through the window. Shweta hears Rishita’s scream and goes to check. On seeing Shweta, Dev lays over the effigy to hide it from her. Shweta asks Rishita what happened. Rishita tells a lie to handle the situation Shweta is about to see the fake blood on the floor. Rishita pretebds ti fall and hide it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara fights with the thief and gets stabbed. Shweta us shocked to find Dhara in the pool of blood and removes the knife from her stomach. Dev accuses Shweta of stabbing Dhara.

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