Pandya Store 28th February 2022 Written Update: Rishita decides to move to Ahmedabad


Pandya Store 28th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman remembering Raavi kissing Shiva in public. She says that Raavi humiliated her in public. She blames Dhara for getting Raavi married to Shiva. Raavi brings pakode she made for Suman. The latter refuses to have it as Raavi must have mixed poison. She says that she’s the only person who can save Shiva from Raavi, so she wants to get rid off her.

Raavi prepares pakode in front of Suman. She says that she will soon became this house’s daughter in law. She is aware that if she tries to kill Suman, Shiva will hate her. She asks Suman to eat the pakode she made in front of her. Suman refuses to eat and leaves. Dhara comes to Raavi and says that she can’t achieve anything by acting stubborn. Raavi says that only Prafulla can prove her innocence and she is not going to confess, so she can’t sit quietly.

Sagar shows a house design to Rishita. The latter likes it and asks whose house this is. Sagar says that it’s Rishita’s house. He gives her key. He says that they got their Ahmedabad project deal and they’re going to open a new store there. He says Rishita to move there till the store work is done. Rishita says that Sagar should have discussed about it to her earlier as she has to convince Dev. Sagar says that it’s a great an opportunity,so Dev should be happy with her success and asks Rishita to take this opportunity.

Krish says to Suman that he has extra classes, so he will return home late. He asks Suman to tell Dhara to not phone him. He leaves. In the picnic, Krish gets angry on seeing Kriti dancing with her friend. Krish takes Kriti apart and suggests having a talk. Krti says that they have come so far to party and asks him to dance. Kriti’s friend offer Krish beer. Krish refuses to drink. Kriti’s friend mock him. Kriti says to her friends to leave Krish, his family will get angry at Krish if he drinks alcohol. Kriti’s friends laugh mocking at Krish. Krish drinks the beer.

Dhara and Gautam are worried that Krish hasn’t returned home. Suman says that he is studying with his friends. He informed her before leaving for college. Dhara wonders that Krish didn’t meet her today, usually he comes to her to get money from her. Raavi brings Pakode for Shiva and everyone. Shiva refuses to have anything prepared by Raavi, who could drug her aunt. Dev takes it. Suman says to Raavi to not make anything for her and Shiva.

Rishita gives to her family and says that she got promotion. Family congratulates her. Rishita says that she has to move to Ahmedabad for some time. Suman says that this is the ticket to leave the house. Rishita says that it’s an opportunity that she can’t miss. Dhara says that Rishita is right. She says to Rishita to not worry, she and Raavi handle here.

Shiva is happy for Rishita and asks Dev to agree. Suman opposes this. She says that Dev will live here while Rishita will be in Ahmedabad.She says that no one is going anywhere, neither Dev, nor Rishita. Rishita says that Ahmedabad isn’t far and Dev will also come with her. Dev says that Rishita decided without discussing with her. He asks what he will do coming with her. Rishita says that Dev can find a work there.

Suman says that Rishita was waiting an opportunity to separate Shiva from his family. Rishita says that Suman is wrong. She says that she can’t lose this opportunity, either Dev will come with her, or she will go alone, Dev can come to meet her in weekend. She asks what’s the problem if Dev comes with her. She says to Dev that if he wants to look after the shop, he can come to meet her in weekend. Dhara agrees with Rishita’s suggestion. Raavi also support Rishita and says that Gautam and Shiva are there to look after Rishita, so if Dev goes with Rishita, they need to worry about her. Suman shouts at Raavi for speaking in the family matter. Suman firmly says that they don’t go anywhere. Rishita regrets discussing this matter with the family. She should have decided discussing with Dev alone.

Dev says that they can’t decide it alone, his family’s opinion matters. Rishita says that it’s her career, so she will decide it. Dev asks then why she is telling them this, she can leave taking her luggages. Rishita says that she cares for this family, so hasn’t left. She left everything for Dev and asks if he can’t leave Somnath for her. Dev says no. Gautam asks Deb why he has problem when they don’t have any. Rishita asks Gautam to leave as Dev doesn’t care about her. She says that she decided that she will leave for Ahmedabad next week. She loves this family, but she also loves the identity she got through this job. Rishita leaves.

Family comes out hearing people protesting against Suman. The protestors demand Suman to send Raavi to her house. Suman thinks that it’s good, Raavi leaves the house. Raavi says that she will handle it and goes inside the house. Dhara tells the women that this is their family matter and they don’t have rights to interfere. Raavi comes out and says that they are right, an unmarried girl shouldn’t stay in this house, so she will either get married to Shiva or will die here shocking Pandyas.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita gets shocked learning that she’s pregnant. Suman asks Rishita if she decided to abort her child. Rishita says that she hasn’t decided it yet. She says that it’s her child, so she will decide about it shocking the family.

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