Pandya Store 28th July 2022 Written Update: Pandyas take care of the baby


Pandya Store 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi telling her online followers of she changed kitchen sink into a bathtub for the baby. Shiva snatches Raavi’s phone and ends the live. He argues with her for broadcasting what’s happening in their house instead of taking care of the baby. Raavi and Shiva argue over this. Raavi is about to put the baby in the sink. Dhara stops Raavi and takes the baby from her. She scolds Raavi for putting the baby in the sink. She asks to wet the cloth in the warm water. Dhara uses the wet water to give bath to the baby.

Rishita tells Suman that they should return the baby to the hospital the next day as she’s getting attached to the baby. She taunts stating that Dhara’s excessive love spoiled Krish. Gautam agrees with Rishita. He also worries about Dhara’s increasing attachment with the baby. He decides to return the baby to the hospital the next day morning.

Dhara gets milk for the baby in the bottle. She wants to feed him the milk. But Suman says that she will feed him. Shiva notices that baby wearing dress made with Gautam’s shirt. He mockes Gautam saying that it suits the baby more. Family laughs when the baby pees on Gautam while Gautam watches this. Pandyas pamper baby and have fun with him. All fall asleep sitting getting tired after playing with the baby. Gautam tells Dhara that they will return the baby to his mom the next day. Gautam notices that Dhara is sleeping.

The next day morning Dhara and Gautam come to the hospital to return the baby to his mother. Dhara says that they could return the baby after his mother completely recover. Gautam says to Dhara that they should return today as his mother will be worried about him. They meet doctor. Gautam says to the doctor that they can’t keep the baby in their house anymore.

Doctor says that she can understand their situation, but they found that the baby’s mother, sweta, is affected by a rare type of virus and she is unconscious, so they can’t return baby to her. Gautam and Dhara try to make understand doctor that they can’t take care of this baby and it should be with his mother. A nurse tells doctor that about Sweta’s health condition getting deteriorated. Doctor requests Gautam and Dhara to understand their situation.

At Pandya house Suman hopes that the baby will be returned to his mother. Here Gautam refuses to keep the baby and demands to meet Sweta. Doctor suggests to see Sweta wearing a mask and standing away as her virus contagious. Gautam and Dhara oblige. Gautam and Dhara ask Sweta to tell any relative’s address to give the baby to them.

Sweta says that her baby doesn’t have anyone. She asks them to look after the baby. She throws his chain towards Dhara and says that he has only this. Dhara picks it up. Sweta’s health worsens, so doctor asks them to leave. Gautam opens the chain’s locket and finds Sweta’s photo in it. Dhara says that they can’t leave the baby when his mother isn’t well.

Gautam tells Suman that the baby’s mother is critical so they had to take the baby back home. Suman refuses to keep the baby in the house and asks to hand him to any relatives. Gautam says that he doesn’t have any relatives. He says that his mother gave this chain to sell it and use for his expenses. Suman asks where Dhara is.

Rishita says that Dhara is changing baby’s cloth and adds that she bought new clothes for baby, it’s a problem. Suman says that it’s hard to separate Dhara and baby if she gets attached with him. Gautam also gets worried about the same and asks Suman to control Dhara since only she can do it.

The episode starts.

Precap: Suman scolds Dhara for forgetting about her responsibility in looking after the baby. Suman says to Dhara to forget about the baby and let Raavi and Rishita take care of the baby.

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