Pandya Store 28th March 2022 Written Update: Suman apologizes to Raavi


Pandya Store 28th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman apologizing to Raavi realising her mistake. She says that they will avenge her death. She says to Shiva to kill Prafulla and Anita. Rishita says to Raavi to wake else Shiva will go to jail for murder. Shiva is about to hit Prafulla, Raavi asks what’s happening. Shiva tuns around looking shocked. He goes to Raavi and asks if she’s fine. Raavi says she will be fine when he’s with her. Shiva scolds Raavi and hugs her. Raavi says to Shiva that all are watching including Suman. Shiva breaks the hug. Raavi says to Suman that she got to know now she’s innocent. Suman apologizes to Raavi.

They all smile. Krish drinks the remaining poison and says that it’s sweet. Raavi says that it’s honey. Shiva says to Raavi that she fooled all of them, they all get tensed because of her. As Raavi proved her innocence, Shiva and Raavi request Suman to get them married. Suman accepts their request, but she puts forth a condition that she will take Shiva’s bharat to Raavi. Family gets happy on hearing this.

Pandyas and Raavi dance in Shiva’s bharat. Dhara says to Rishita to dance carefully. Rishita says that she remembers that she’s pregnant and Dhara needn’t to remind her again and again. Dhara gets sad hearing this. Dev says to Dhara to focus on happiness only and asks her to dance. Shiva and Raavi reach the wedding mandap. They exchange garlands. Suman ties their gathbandhan. They take seven holy rounds. Shiva fills Raavi’s forget with Vermillion and puts the nuptial chain around her neck.

Raavi smiles holding her nuptial chain. They take Suman’s blessings. Suman blesses them to give her soon her grandchildren. Shiva says that Dev is giving that. Then they share an hug with Dhara-Gautam and Rishita-Dev. Raavi requests Shiva to take Prafulla’s blessings for the first and last time for her. Shiva and Raavi take Prafulla’s blessings. Raavi apologizes to Prafulla. She says her to not do anything wrong ahead which will force her to do anything like this. Pandyas clicks a selfie together.

Suman welcomes the newlyweds home. Raavi perform her griha pravesh rituals. Shiva apologizes to Raavi for doubting her and he won’t repeat it in future. He reveals that he went to the marriage counselor to check. Dhara prevents Rishita from lifting a bucket with water.

The neighborhood women come to Pandyas and congratulate Raavi and Shiva. Kanta asks Dhara if she has completed the left out rituals in the previous wedding. Dhara says that last time Rishita created a scene and she gets headache everytime she recalls it but this time she didn’t left any rituals.

All are gathered for Raavi and Shiva’s post wedding ceremony while Krish is in call with Ktiti. Rishita asks Dhara to perform her and Dev’s post wedding rituals too. The neighborhood intervene and tease Suman that she get Raavi-Shiva married secretly to save expenses. Shiva and Raavi perform ring finding ceremony. Shiva lets Raavi to find the ring. Suman says that this is cheating.

Rishita gets excited and wants to put the ring in the water this time. But Rishita prevents Rishita and asks Suman to make Rishita understand. Rishita leaves from there saying that she’s going to get water. Dev says to Dhara to continue the ceremony. Shiva asks what’s the need for this game. He says that it’s not necessary the one who wins to rule over on another, they both can be equal too. Rishita slips and fall. Dev and Dhara and rush to Rishita. Dev asks if she can’t be careful, what if anything happened to her Or baby. Kanta asks if Rishita is pregnant. Pandyas look on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita’s family come to take part in Rishita’s happiness. Dhara insults Janardan.

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