Pandya Store 29th July 2022 Written Update: Dhara gets furious


Pandya Store 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam seeking Suman’s help to separate the baby and Dhara since she’s getting attached to the baby. Suman agrees and asks them especially Raavi to support her. They agree. Suman and all come to Dhara. Dhara saying to the baby that he will dressed like Lord Krishna. Suman says that Dhara won’t be his Yashoda.

Suman takes the baby. She complaints that Dhara forgot her duties and responsibilities after the baby’s arrival, so she asks Dhara to take care of her children and forget the baby. She says that Raavi and Rishita will take care of her. They agree. Dhara asks why she can’t take care of the baby when they can. Shiva says that because Dhara is already busy with household chore and the baby needs someone for 24/7 to change diaper and feed food. Dhara angrily reacts and asks him to shuts his mouth.

Dhara says that she will take care of the baby along with the house responsibility. She further says that Raavi is herself a chil and asks how she can look after a baby. Raavi says that it will be a training for the future. Rishita gets excited that Raavi is also going to give good news. Raavi asks Shiva to help her.

Shiva and Raavi are taking care of the baby. They have difficulty to calm the cryi baby down. Raavi says that the baby peed. Other hand Dhara is angry that Suman prohibited her from looking after the baby. She is lamenting about the same. She complaints to Gautam about the same argues with him. Gautam reminds the problem that Dhara created last time getting attached to a baby. He says that they all are scared and don’t want to take any risk. He firmly says that Dhara should stay away from the baby. Dhara leaves.

Shiva and Raavi are struggling to change the baby’s diaper. Dhara comes there. She cleans the baby abd changes his diaper. Dhara taynts Shiva and Raavi saying that they shouldn’t take the baby’s responsibility when they don’t know to fulfill it. Dhara says to Gautam that she will take care of the baby till the baby goes back to her mother. She clarifies that she’s doing this for the baby’s wellbeing.

Shiva and Raavi refuse to speak against Dhara. Gautam stops them and says to think from the mind and not the heart. He says that they have to keep the baby away from Dhara at any cost And they should support him. They agree. Gautam gives Raavi 5000 Rs to buy the necessary things of baby. Gautam recrives a call from the hospital and leaves.

Raavi sees a woman barging with a bangle seller and forcibly buying bangles of 80 Rs for 50 Rs. Raavi stops that woman and exposes her act on live to her online followers. The woman gets scared and buys 10 sets of bangles. Raavi also gets banglea. She gets happy for helping a helpless person and wishes to help every day anyone. At the Pandya house Dhara argues with Rishita for bringing the baby down without telling her.

Suman asks if Dhara will ask Rishita’s permission before taking her baby in the future. She says that this is their baby and all have rights on him. At the hospital Gautam is shocked when doctor asked him to pay 30,000 for Sweta’s treatment else they will discharge her in her unconscious conditions and she may die. Gautam agrees to pay the money. Here Suman asks Dhara to take care of Krish. Dhara agrees and leaves.

Raavi tells Suman and Rishita about helping a bangle seller. She presents them the bangles that she got for them. Suman says that it’s Raavi’s gift so she will take money from Raavi. Dhara comes to Krish. She gives him money and says him to go out with his friends. Krish refuses as Kriti told everyone what had happened.

He cries asking if he did mistake by loving someone. Dhara says that he loved wrong person, but loving someone isn’t wrong Krish says that he can never love anyone hereafter. He walks out. Dhara goes after him trying to stop him. Raavi calls Krish to play with the baby. Krish silently walks out. Dhara says to not stop him to mock him and his love. Dhara calls Kirti and rebukes her for mocking Krish in the college.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gautam is shocked knowing that Sweta is missed from the hospital. Dhara decides to return the baby to his mother. Gautam gets worried how Dhara will react knowing this. He decides to find an orphanage for the baby.

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