Pandya Store 29th March 2021 Written Update: Dhara gets humiliated

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 29th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Janardhan’s sister slapping Dhara. She insults Dhara. She asks to look around and says that they can’t afford such a big house to their Rishita. Dhara begs her to accept Dev and Rishita’s alliance again. Bua slaps her multiple times and throws her out of the house. Bua says Dev and Rishita’s alliance will never happen.

Gautam comes back home and calls out Dhara. Hardik comes there shouting Gautam. The latter asks him why he’s angry. Hardik asks what he thinks of his sister, she loves his family very much and keeps serving them day and night and it’s not enough for them. He asks why he has sent Dhara to that goon’s house. Gautam doesn’t understand what he means.

Dev and Shiva come there. Hardik asks Gautam why he asked Dhara to go to Janardhan’s house to talk about Dev and Rishita’s alliance, when he has decided to do Raavi and Dev’s marriage. Other hand Dhara washes her face in public water tap. She cries remembering her insult at Janardhan’s house.

Hardik tells the brothers that Dhara gets humiliated at Janardhan’s house and Janardhan’s sister has thrown Dhara out of the house. The brothers get shocked. Hardik further says that he got to know from his one friend, who witnessed everything and has rushed here to see his sister, but she’s not here. He adds that he raised Dhara as a princess, but because of Dev she faced humiliation and got beaten up. Dev and Shiva stop a furious Gautam from going to Janardhan’s house. Dev says Dhara needs him most now and asks him to find Dhara, and they will punish Janardhan.

Shiva blames Dev for Dhara’s condition. He emotionally blackmailed her that she has gone to that house. He adds that she faced insults for his happiness and he doesn’t want such brother. Shiva gets on his bike. Dev joins him and admits that he’s responsible for Dhara’s insult so he needs to settle the score.

Dhara is at the temple crying. Gautam calls her. Dhara says her whereabouts and cries. Gautam says to Hardik to take care of his mom and ho goes to bring Dhara. Other hand Dev and Shiva reach Janardhan’s house. Rishita notices Dev and thinks he has come for her. Dev and Shiva beat up Janardhan’s men, and then they go inside the house. They beat up Janardhan. Bua tries to call police, but Dev throws the phone away. Kalyani and Keerti come there and look shocked.

Shiva hits Janardhan asking who slapped his babhi. Bua says she has slapped Dhara. Shiva calls the servant and makes her slap bua multiple times. Dev says to Janardhan that he shouldn’t have insulted his babhi. He doesn’t want to marry his daughter and cuts all his tie with her. Dev and Shiva insult him and walk away.

Keerti tells Rishita that Dev has beaten up their dad. Rishita thinks that he has done for her. Her sister clears her that he has beaten up their dad for his babhi. Rishita still supports Dev and is confident that he will come back to take her. He loves her very much. Keerti tells not more than his babhi and says that he had cut all ties with her. Rishita blames Dhara for everything. She says that she needs to talk to Dev now itself and rushes out. She shouts Dev asking him to stop, but he leaves with Shiva on bike.

Rishita runs after him shouting Dev. Shiva stops the bike. Rishita hugs him and says why she should get punished for her dad’s mistake. Dev says it’s about his Bhabi pride. Rishita says that everything is happening because of his babhi and blames her. Dev shuts her and says his babhi has come to talk to his dad for his sake. Rishita suggests eloping and getting married. Dev says that he can’t keep relation with the family who insulted his babhi and asks Rishita to forget him. Rishita looks shocked

The episode ends.

Precap: Dev, Raavi and Shiva are dancing. Rishita comes there.

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