Pandya Store 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Prerna makes an attempt to unite the Pandyas


Pandya Store 2nd February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prerna instructing the Pandya kids to disguise themselves as tigers and to walk near the window showing their tails when she asks them. The kids agree. Mithu says that he is scared of wearing the tiger costume. Prerna asks him to just roar like a tiger standing behind. She promises the kids to show the tiger and asks them not to tell their game to their parents. Dhara overhears Prerna. The kids leave. Prerna says to Dhara that she’s trying to make Gujarati dishes. She’s struggling as she has never cooked them before. Dhara helps her. She gives her the tiffin carrier which has the snacks and gives her some tips to cook Gujarati dishes. Prerna finds Dhara so sweet. She wonders why Krish used to become silent whenever he talks about Dhara to her. Dhara says that maybe Krish is more upset with her than the others. Dhara requests Prerna to unite her family. Prerna promises Dhara to try her best.

Raavi and Rishita see Dhara and Prerna. Raavi says that Dhara forgot the old ones when the new one came. Rishita reminds Dhara that she wanted to become like Dhara. Raavi says that she doesn’t want to become Dhara. She says that it’s good Dhara forgot them.

Krish comes downstairs. He asks Dhara for tea. He realizes what he has done. He tries to move away. Prerna arrives there and says that she wants to cook food for everyone. Krish is surprised as Prerna never entered the kitchen in Canada. Prerna says that Dhara helped her. Krish reminds Prerna that they have come only to see Suman and not to play and not to cook food. He reminds her that they have to return to Canada. Prerna wants to cook till they’re here. She reminds Krish that this is his family. It’s her family too, as she’s going to marry him. Rishita and Raavi say that they will have their food in their respective rooms. They’re about to leave, taking their respective children.

Prerna stops them. She says that they can all sit in a room to watch a video that she made on Canadian culture. Rishita agrees, but Raavi refuses. Raavi says that she doesn’t have any idea about moving abroad, so there is no use for her in watching it. She adds that she has to make Mithu study. Prerna says that they will watch the video in Raavi’s room. Dhara asks Raavi what the problem in watching a ten-minute video. She says that she will get Suman and Gautam there. Rishita says to Dhara that another failed attempt. She says that they will leave after 10 mins.

On the other hand, Shweta is shocked when Aman says that the production house replaced Natasha in the film as they can’t tolerate her tantrums. Here, Pandyas gather in Raavi’s room. Prerna goes out on the pretext of getting the pen drive. Prerna goes to the kitchen and serves the food. She instructs Shesh and Chiku Mithu to call out Mithu first and then close the room door when she comes out after serving food to them. Pandyas are surprised when Prerna takes food to the room. Shesh closes the room door. Prerna wonders why Shesh has closed the door now and hopes that the plan will work.

Rishita says that they have come only to watch the video and not to have food. She says that it must be Dhara’s idea. Dhara asks her to stop blaming her for everything. Prerna says that she thought that they could have some snacks while watching TV. Rishita says that she understands her plan. She says that making them eat together can’t fix their broken hearts. She says to Prerna that she doesn’t know what happened, so she asks her not to do all this. Suman scolds Rishita. She asks her to sit keeping quiet for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the kids get ready to execute the instructions given by Prerna. Just then, the real tiger enters the house. The kids are shocked to see the tiger. They hide behind the well. Rishita refuses to watch the video and calls out Shesh to open the room door. Panyas are shocked when Chiku screams tiger.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas are shocked to see the tiger inside their house and are worried about the kids. Suman asks Prerna and Dhara to get her grandsons inside the room anyhow else she will never forgive them. Pandyas are shocked when they hear Shesh’s scream.

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