Pandya Store 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Prerna, Krish spends quality time together

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish gets upset with Shweta then leaves the room and gets shocked seeing Prerna and worries. Chutki greets her. Shweta decides to check up on it. Krish sends away Prerna. Shweta asks Natasha who she is greeting. Krish makes up an excuse which makes Shweta to mock at him then leaves. Dhara calls the kids for dinner. They arrives and have it. She then spikes Shweta’s food. Everyone arrives there to have food. Shweta shows off the necklace given to her by Krish. Dhara gives her her food saying just like old times. Shweta tells she ordered Chinese then when the order arrives she makes Krish pay for it. The kids asks they want Chinese too. Shweta takes Natasha with her. The kids refuses to have food by demanding Chinese. Dhara and Krish wonders how to spike Shweta’s food now. She then gets an idea so she leaves the place.

Dhara goes to Shweta’s room and tells her the kids are asking Chinese so asks her to give some. Shweta makes fun of her. Meanwhile Rishita scolds the kids for demanding Chinese. Chiku signs at Shesh and the latter leaves the place without anyone’s knowledge. Shweta coughs so she goes to have water. Dhara uses that opportunity to spike her food. Shesh arrives there and snatches the spiked food from Shweta and runs away. Both Dhara and Shweta gers shocked. Dhara chases Shesh. Shesh shows Chiku the food. Dhara snatches it from him and scolds him. Rishita and Raavi gets shocked. Rishita reminds Dhara to not to behave this way with kids. Dhara makes up an excuse then takes Shweta’s food with her. Shweta requests Natasha from food. Natasha refuses to share it. Dhara returns Shweta’s food. Shweta asks Dhara to teach the kids behave properly.

Dhara taunts her then leaves. Shweta grows suspicious that Dhara may spiked something so she checks when she fails to find anything she have the food. Dhara apologises to the kids then Rishita for her behavior. She then tells she will serve water to Shweta. Raavi mocks at her. Dhara replies her back. Shweta arrives there with Natasha. She asks Dhara to clean their plates as they are going to bed then questions Krish for not having dinner yet as she wants to spend sometime with him. Dhara mocks at Shweta then sends Krish from there. Krish realises that Prerna must be hungry so takes food for her. Dhara notices it and grows anxious.

Shweta demands a room for Natasha. Both Dhara and Rishita tries to convince Shweta and Chutki but they both refuses to listen to them. Raavi decides to leave. Shweta questions but Raavi scolds her. Dhara assures Raavi she will take care of Mithu. Raavi leaves. Krish goes to Raavi’s room where Prerna is hiding. They both have food together. Prerna expresses her dislikes for Shweta. Krish wishes he met Prerna first. Shweta tells now Raavi is left her room must be available so she will put Natasha to sleep there. Dhara gets worried that Krish and Prerna may get caught. She shouts asking Shweta to not to go to Raavi’s room.

Krisha and Prerna hears this so they goes and hides under the bed. Shweta questions Dhara for shouting. Dhara lies the room must he messy so asks Shweta to wait until she cleans it. Shweta tells she will manage it and goes to Raavi’s room. Dhara decides to do something to save Krish and Prerna. Shweta finds the room is clean so she puts Natasha to sleep. She then decides to trouble Krish but finds chapati pieces on the rug which she takes it in her hand and wonders who was there here. Krish and Prerna gets shocked and tries to hide themselves from Shweta.

Precap: Dhara worried about Prerna’s safety and prays to God. Shweta tells Chutki is with her so no one can do anything to her. She also adds that the day she see Prerna she will destroy the Pandya’s again.

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