Pandya Store 30th July 2022 Written Update: Raavi gets her first salary from her social media account


Pandya Store 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara calling Kirti and rebuking her for making fun of Krish in the college. Rishita and Raavi look on shocked. Rishita snatches the phone from Dhara and hang the call. She says that this isn’t rhe right way to talk to her sister. Dhara asks Rishita to teach right way to her sister who made fun of Krish in the college. She asks Rishita to tell Kirti to not cross her limits.

Rishita says that Dhara’s reaction is for taking the baby without her permission. She states that this baby isn’t Dhara’s and till the baby in this house they all have rights on him. Raavi asks Rishita to stop as she is talking rubbish. Rishita shouts at Raavi to not interfere between her and Dhara. She warns Dhara to not call Kirti again. She goes upstairs taking the baby.

Gautam comes to Suman and massages her feet. Suman says that she doesn’t have money so think before serving her. Gautam says that he is confused with the baby’s issue. He tells that the hospital bill of the baby’s mother is 30,000 and if it’s not paid they will discharge her. He tried to arrange the money, but he couldn’t. Suman refuses to give money. Gautam convinces Suman saying that she will die if they don’t pay the bill. Suman gives Gautam the money and asks to bring receipt from the hospital.

Raavi has come out with the baby. A boy comes to Raavi and requests her to promote his restaurant like she promoted the bangle seller and he offers her 25,000 in exchange. Raavi gets happy for getting her first payment and decides to continue to do this.

In Pandya house Kirti phones Rishita and complains about Dhara calling and rebuking her. Rishita scolds Kirti for mocking Krish in the college. She says that Dhara did right and Kirti deserve this. Dhara hears this. Rishita sees Dhara and angrily walks away when she tries to talk to her.

Raavi gives Shiva 25,000. Shiva asks how she got these money. Raavi says that someone gave her this to make a video of his restaurant on the social media. Shiva refuses to believe this. Raavi explains how a video on social media can help promote a business. Raavi says that they can get free food for a year in that restaurant. Shiva finds something and asks to return the money. Raavi denies and says that she got it for her talent. She will go to that restaurant and have food there. She will record it and upload in the social media. The restaurant will get more customer. Shiva isn’t convinced.

Gautam comes to the hospital to pay the fees. He gets shocked when doctor says that the baby’s mother ran away from the hospital. He wants to call police. Doctor says that Gautam will be equally in trouble and says that she will call police. Gautam stops her. Other hand Suman is playing with the baby and hopes that his mother will get well soon. Raavi says to Shiva that she will delete her work if Shivan isn’t happy as this marriage and this family is more important for her. Shiva says that he is slowing understanding that he is helping people.

He says that she is doing good act. He agrees to support her till she does good act and earn money, but warns to throw Raavi and her phone in the well if she broadcasts any house issue on the social media. She says that she will use social to improve small business. Shiva says that they have to do something for Pandya Store too. Raavi agrees. Shiva wants to inform about her work to Suman and Dhara. Raavi stops him.

There Gautam takes back the money he paid in the hospital as the patient ran away despite doctor tries to stop him. Here Dhara says that they should return the baby to his mother as only mother can take good care of his baby. Rishita has hard type to calm down crying baby. Dhara asks to give the baby to her. Rishita refuses saying that she also wants to learn how to calm down the baby. Raavi says to Shiva that Suman doesn’t understand the social media video.

She asks Shiva to wait till she gets two, three videos then they will tell the family. Shiva agrees. Raavi hugs Shiva. The latter asks their family members follow her in the social media yet why no one questioned her about the live. Raavi says that she blocked all of them and requests to not tell this to anyone. Shiva says that he will create a scene in front of the family if she blocks him too. Raavi gets closer to Shiva. He hugs her.

Dhara complains that they keep her busy in household works to keep her away from the baby. Gautam is worried what to do now as baby’s mother ran away. He wonders where Dhara is. He goes to find her. He sees her lamenting about not letting her to take care of the baby. Gautam worried how Dhara will react knowing the truth. He decides to find an orphanage for the baby.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita asks Suman to take care of the baby as she has to attend a workshop. Suman says that she can gets labor pain earlier when she’s outside. Rishita is in the hospital and got the labor pain. She shouts doctor. She gets hospitalized there. Pandyas arrive to the hospital to see Rishita. Gautam watches this and worries what if Suman learns about baby’s mother running away.

Star Plus’ much loved daily soap Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Pandyas trying to keep the baby away from Dhara.

In the current story Suman agrees to help Gautam to keep Dhara away from the baby, but asks them especially Raavi to support her not Dhara. Suman complains that Dhara forgot her duties and her responsibilities towards the house ever since the baby has come, so she decides to give the baby’s responsibility to Raavi and Rishita while Dhara will only look after the house.

Dhara doesn’t agree with Suman’s decision stating that Raavi herself a child, so she isn’t capable to take care of a baby. Raavi says that she can learn and asks Shiva to help her. Dhara gets furious with Suman’s decision and argues over this with Gautam.

However Gautam firmly says that Dhara won’t approach the baby after the problem she created last time due to her attachment towards a baby. Shiva and Raaavi have hard time to change baby’s diaper. Dhara comes takes the baby from them and changes his diaper.

Dhara taunts them stating they shouldn’t accepted any responsibilities that they couldn’t complete. Dhara decides to take care of the baby against Suman’s decision. There in the hospital Gautam gets shocked when doctor asks him to pay 30,000 for the baby’s mother’s treatment.

Here Dhara gets angry with Rishita for bringing the baby downstairs without asking her permission. Later Dhara phones Kirti and rebukes her for humiliating Krish by revealing what had happened to the whole college.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Gautam will come to the hospital to pay the money. He will get shocked when doctor will tell him the baby’s mother’s is missing. Dhara will tell Suman that only a mother can take good care of the baby.

She will decide to return the baby to his mother. Gautam will get worried how Dhara will react knowing about the baby’s mother’s missing news. He will decide to find an orphanage for the baby.

What will happen next? Will Dhara agree to send the baby to the orphanage?

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