Pandya Store 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Shweta tries to commit suicide


Pandya Store 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Shiva asking Shweta how she dared to break his and Raavi’s relationship. A furious Shiva tries to attack Shweta, but Krish and Dev stop him. Dhara sees this and thinks that this is the right time to call Raavi. Shweta’s mom faints. Gautam removes his fake mustache and beard. Suman is shocked to realize the inspector is  

Gautam and asks him when he joined the police. Gautam says that he disguised as a cop to extort the truth from Shweta. Shweta is stunned to hear this. Shweta’s dad says that his wife’s body is getting cold and she is a high BP patient and Pandyas will be responsible if anything happens to her. Gautam assures him that nothing will happen to her. He says that he will call the doctor. Shweta gives the water to her dad. He throws it away and blames Shweta for her mom’s condition. 

Raavi consoles Chutki, who is crying. Just then, Dhara arrives there. She becomes emotional and cries. Raavi asks Dhara what happened. Dhara asks Raavi to return home as Shweta confessed that she changed her report and she wasn’t pregnant. She says that her name got cleaned. Raavi says that she is always clean and refuses to return to the Pandya house where the people, who wanted to impose a stain on her name, live. Dhara asks Raavi not to start a new drama now. She says that she wants to see Shweta getting arrested. She requests Raavi to come and takes her along with her. 

The Doctor checks  Shweta’s mom and says that she’s fine now and asks not to give her stress. Shiva laughs mockingly and taunts that her daughter witch ruined their lives. Shweta’s mom confronts Shweta and rebukes her. She says that Shweta will get punished for her mistakes.

Shiva asks Krish to call the police else he will handle this in his own way. Gautama asks Shiva not to take the law in his hands. A scared Shweta holds Krish’s hand. Krish shouts at Shweta and asks her to stay away from him. Dhara and Raavi watch this through the window, standing outside of the house. Shweta’s mom apologizes to the Pandyas. Shiva shouts to stop it. He refuses to forgive Shweta, who ruined his life for the money, which means nothing to them. Raavi asks how a woman can do this to another woman.

Pandyas, Shweta and her parents look at Dhara and Raavi. Rishita says that Shweta’s friend, Nithin, got arrested by the police. Suman is happy to see Dhara alive and realizes that the Pandyas already knew this. She asks why they didn’t tell her. Shweta is stunned to realize that it was all a drama. Shweta’s mom falls on Dhara’s feet and apologizes to Dhara for Dhara and Raavi being thrown out of the house because of Shweta’s. She says that it’s good Dhara is childless as it’s better to be childless than to have a child like Shweta.

She says that she was going to sign the custodian paper as she doubted Dhara, being influenced by Shweta. She says that, thankfully, the truth came in front of her and she didn’t make that mistake. She asks Dhara to raise Chiku and not to let even Shweta’s shadow fall on him. She asks Dhara to tell Chiku that Shweta died if he asks about his biological mom after growing up. Suman asks Dhara and Raavi to come inside the house. 

Shweta runs upstairs and jumps from the balcony to commit suicide. She is hanging, holding the balcony. Krisg tries to pull her up. But she refuses to come up. The balcony wall starts to crack. Suman asks Krish to let her fall and die. Rishita says to Suman that they will go jail in that case. Dhara asks the Pandyas to get the bedsheet to catch Shweta if she falls down. Pandyas oblige. Rishita asks Shiva to hold the bedsheet. Suman says to Shweta’s mom that her family is trying to save Shweta despite her misdeeds. Shweta refuses to jump down despite everyone’s urging her to jump, as she’s scared that Pandyas will remove the blanket and she will fall on the ground. Shweta falls down, shocking everyone. 

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta breaks the phone and prevebts Shiva from calling the police. Shweta says that Krish married her so that Krish gets a child. Krish admits it and says that he didn’t think he did anything wrong. Dhara is shocked to hear this.

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