Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Rishita worries about Chutki


Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shweta finds the spilled food on the rug and wonders who had food here. Natasha calls her and complains that mosquitoes are there. Shweta goes to her and makes her sleep again then leaves the place. Krisha and Prerna leaves the room silently. Gaurav and Shiva decides to lock the shop. Shiva asks Raavi what she is doing here. Raavi signs at Gautam and lies the guests arrived in house. Shiva agrees to go home but Raavi stops him. Gautam leaves the place. Shiva scolds Raavi for trying to get romantic with him infront of Gautam. He then questions her why they have to stay in the shop.

Raavi lies because Dhara asked them to. In the house Shweta annoys Dhara saying her first night with Krish is going to happen after seven years so asks Dhara to bring them milk then leaves. Rishita arrives and calls Shweta disgusting. Dhara tells Shweta can only able to something if she is awake. Rishita gets confused then goes inside. Raavi takes Shiva to a room. Shiva gets shocked finding the decorated room. Raavi and Shiva gets romantic.

Here, Krish expresses his worry to spend a night with Shweta who is preparing to spend a night with him. Prerna tells that Krish can’t stay with Shweta. If it happens then she will go back to Canada. Dhara assures them both nothing such won’t happen. Gautam arrives there. Dhara suggests to sleep Gautam and Krish on the room while she and Prerna will sleep on the bed and tells she won’t let Prerna go to Canada. Prerna gets happy and hugs Dhara. Gautam and Krish smiles watching them. They all then hears the kids voice so cover Prerna with a blanket and Dhara sits there to cover up. Chiku and Shesh arrives there. Shesh questions Dhara what she is keeping it behind her and approaches her.

Dhara scolds him then tells them both to sleep in Dev’s room. Shesh signs at Chiku. Chiku requests Dhara let him and his brother’s sleep in the living room just like their uncles. Dhara gets emotional recalling their days. She then leaves the room to set up bed for Chiku, Shesh and Mithu. Later Krish goes to the room with milk in his hand. Shweta have the milk and forcibly dances around him. She then pushes him on the bed then falls on top of him. Krish tries to remove himself from her but fails. He screams loud. Dhara, Prerna and Gautam wakes up startled. They asks Krish what happened. Krish realises it’s a dream so he tells them he had a bad dream then leaves the room. Dhara asks Prerna to sleep because Krish will return. Prerna obliges and goes back to sleep.

Krish arrives to the room where Shweta is. He worries finding her not sleeping and wonders may be the medicine didn’t worked out. Shweta gets up but feels dizzy. She tries to get closer to Krish but falls unconscious. Krish gets relieved that Dhara’s plan get succeed. He leaves the room. Chiku and Shesh wakes up and says to one another this is the right time to execute their plan to scare Natasha who is staying in a separate room. Rishita shares her worry with Dev about Chutki staying alone in a room. She decides to go and sleep beside her but Dev stops her and asks her to give sometime for Chutki to warm up to them because Chutki is still scared of Rishita in particular. Rishita becomes restless. Shweta wakes up but feels her head and eyes are heavy also finds that Krish isn’t here. She then goes to Dhara’s room with so much difficulty. Dhara Prerna and Gautam and Krish are asleep. Shweta looks on.

Precap: Rishita accuses Shweta for Chiku’s condition. The doctor informs the Pandya’s the kidney transplant of Chiku has to take place immediately are else they can’t able to save her. Dhara wonders how to find a donor in such short notice. Rishita tells one of them has to donate their kidney. Shweta asks the Pandya’s to stay away from Chiku.

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