Pandya Store 4th March 2022 Written Update: Rishita informs Dev about her pregnancy


Pandya Store 4th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara calling Gautam and saying him to come home with Dev to have an important talk about Shiva and Raavi wedding. Gautam agrees and says that Dev already left for home. Dhara says that she will talk to Dev first then will inform Rishita too. At the office, Sagar says that he made all arrangements for Rishita in Ahmedabad.

Rishita says that she doesn’t know what her family wants and asks him to not pressure her. Sagar calms Rishita down and asks her to sit. He apologizes to her for pressurizing her. He says that it’s fine if she doesn’t want to go to Ahmedabad. He suggests making a team in Ahmedabad so that Rishita can work from here and go there for inspection once in a month. He says her to take off today. Rishita leaves thanking him.

Dev comes home and feels guilty for his behavior towards Rishita. The latter recalls Sagar’s words and wishes that Dev could also have concern for her career. She says that she can’t think of child now, if she wants to focus on her career. Dev comes to Rishita and says that he doesn’t have problem with Rishita moving to Ahmedabad.

Rishita reacts angrily and argues with Dev saying only family is important for him. She asks if he has come to explain her. Dev says that he has come to understand her, but she doesn’t neither want to understand him nor to listen to him. He says that she enjoys humiliating him. Rishita asks what about he hasn’t come home the whole night. He didn’t come when she needed him the most. She cries. Dev notices the pregnancy kit paper in the dustbin and asks if she’s pregnant to which Rishita answers yes. Dev gets happy and asks if she’s serious. Rishita replies yes.

Dev take a Rishita in his arms and says that she gave him the biggest happiness of this world. He says that he can’t believe that they’re going to become parents. Dhara overhears this and gets elated. She leaves from there. Rishita asks Dev to put her down. She phones Gautam and says that he is going to become an uncle. She says him to come home fast and informs Shiva as well. Dhara goes to inform Suman. There Gautam informs Shiva the same. Shiva gets happy. They leave for home.

Rishita says to Dev that they haven’t planned the baby now. Dev agrees and says that’s why they took precautions, but God wants this. Rishita says that Dev wanted this as he doesn’t like her working. She says that she doesn’t ready for this child now. Dev asks what she mean. They hear dhol sound and go out to check. They find the family dancing and celebrating.

Dhara congratulates Dhara and thanks her for giving the biggest happiness. Rishita looks shocked. All family members congratulate Rishita and Dev. Rishita says that she just told Dev and asks how they got to know this. Gautam asks her to leave all this and have sweet. Suman thanks Rishita for giving descendant for her family. Pandyas dance on the song Aey dil laya hai bahar and celebrate the good news.

Dhara gives Rishita a black thread to protect baby from evil eyes. They tease Rishita. The latter shouts to be silent and throws the black thread shocking the family. Rishita asks Dhara who gave her rights to tell her and Dev’s personal matter to everyone. Dev says to Rishita that she can’t talk to Dhara in this way and moreover they were going to tell the family this, so what’s wrong if Rishita told it. Rishita says to Dev to stop.

Rishita says to Dhara thar she should have taken her or Dev’s permission before telling this sensitive news to the family. She asks how she got to know this, if she overhead them. She aska how Dhara can listen to a husband and wife’s call. Dhara says that it wasn’t by intention. Rishita says that they all are family and asks with whom she will share her happiness if she doesn’t want to share it happiness with her family. She says that Suman has been wishing to become grandmother since many years, but she can’t fulfill her wish, but Rishita is going to be fulfill. She asks what could more joyful news to this family. Rishita says that now Dhara will decide whether this is a joy or trouble for her.

The episode ends.

Preacap: Suman says that this child will be born at any cost. Rishita says that she will decide about to keep her child or not. Rishita says to the doctor that this is her final decision. Rishita is taken to the operation theater.

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