Pandya Store 4th March 2023 Written Update: Gautam scolds the kids

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chiku, Shesh and Mithu dresses up like a ghost and enters Chutki’s room to scare her. They switches off her room light. Prerna wakes up then decides to take water on her own. The kids goes near Chutki. Shweta enters her room. The kids hides himself under the bed. Shweta sees Chutki is sleeping and leaves the place. Prerna comes out of the room to take water. Shweta spots her in her drowsy state. Dhara wakes up and gets shocked not finding Prerna. She then gets worried and leaves the room to search for Prerna.

The kids calls her name. Dhara comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing Shweta spot Prerna so she takes Prerna’s name loudly. Prerna gets upset and hides herself. Dhara scolds Shweta. Shweta asks her about Krish’s whereabouts. Dhara lies she doesn’t know and says he must be in his room. She then acts and demands Shweta to tell her where Krish is. Shweta tells she knows Dhara is playing games with her. Here Natasha wakes up hearing the kids sound. Shweta tells she know Prerna is here and goes to search for her where she hide. Dhara gets worried and follows her. She gets relieved seeing the window is open so Prerna must have hide it outside. Shweta gets upset not finding Prerna.

Dhara goes to Shweta and asks her what she is looking for. Shweta says she saw Prerna. Dhara tells her that she must be dreaming also she is someone who always thinks and does everything wrong. Just then Natasha screams mumma. Dhara, Dev and Rishita gets shocked hearing the voice and rushes to Chutki’s room. Other family members also arrives there. Dev stops Rishita from going near Chutki. Dhara takes Chutki in her lap and asks what happened.

Gautam sees Chiku, Shesh and Mithu dressed up like a ghost so he shouts at them. Suman asks Dhara to punish the kids the way she used to punish the Pandya brother’s. Dhara refuses saying she won’t repeat her mistake. Rishita accuses Dhara saying because of Chiku’s involvement she is acting this way. Dev asks her to calm down saying Chutki is scared. In the kitchen Shweta falls unconscious. Prerna uses the opportunity and goes inside the house. Rishita gets confused seeing Prerna there. Chutki tells her stomach is hurting and her mother only knows what medicine she has to take so asks them to call her. Prerna says Shweta is sleeping then rushes to the the latter’s room to find the medicine box. Dhara goes to Shweta leaving Chutki with Suman and tries to wake Shweta up. But Shweta remains asleep.

Rishita tries to go near Chutki but the latter calls her bad woman also her kids are bad. Prerna brings the medicine. They all tries to ask Chutki which medicine she have. Chutki says Shweta only knows. Dev gets hurt seeing her condition and asks woman for what reason he is getting punished. Suman advices him to have faith in God. Dhara pours on water at Shweta and tries to wake her up. Shweta in her intoxicate state asks to bring her bath tub. Dhara gets worried. Gaurav suggests to take Chutki to hospital as the latter’s condition is deteriorating. Gautam, Dev and Krish takes Chutki to the hospital. Rishita shouts at the kids and not to spare them if anything happens to Chutki. Dhara calls Chiku and asks him why he is embarrassing her like this even after she already told him that he is the elder brother so he has to act mature and asks not to speak to her for what he done. Chiku pleads Dhara to forgive him saying he won’t repeat this again also says he loves his brother’s but who is Natasha to them. She isn’t their sister. Dhara shouts Chutki is their sister and warns all three kids to not to repeat this again. She then asks Prerna to not to create more problems for her and stay in her room. Prerna nods okay. Shweta hears Prerna’s name in her intoxicate state. Dhara worries how to hide Prerna now as the kids have seen her.

Precap: Rishita accuses Shweta for Chutki’s condition. The doctor informs Chutki’s kidney transplant has to take place in a week. Dhara worries how to find donor. Rishita says one of them has to donate. Shweta asks the Pandya’s to stay away from Natasha.

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