Pandya Store 4th May 2021 Written Update: Gautam advises Rishita


Pandya Store 4th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asking Rishita to help Dhara and Raavi in marination of vegetables. Rishita refuses saying she has done medicure today. Gautam says Rishita will help him to set bonfire. Shiva arrives there in a new look and surprises everyone. Dhara compliments Shiva’s look. She says something is incomplete and makes him stand next to Raavi. Dhara says Shiva-Raavi look good together.

Dhara asks Raavi put less masala as Shiva doesn’t like it. Raavi says without masala there won’t be taste. Shiva angrily puts all the masala and scolds Raavi. Dhara reprimands Shiva. Shiva angrily walk away. Dhara asks Dev if they can make Shiva stand in the place of bonfire as he’s always fuming. Dev passes a comment which angers Shiva and they get ready to argue, but Gautam separate them. Krish comes there and plays music in order to calm down the tension between the brothers.

Gautam gives a stick to Dev and asks him to break it and throw it in the fire. Dev does so. Gautam then calls Raavi and gives a bunch of sticks and asks to break it and throw in the fire. Raavi can’t break it. Gautam asks Rishita to try. Rishita also can’t break it. Dev says it’s not possible to break a bunch of sticks. Gautam says right and this applies even in our life.

Gautam says unity is the strength. Rishita says that they all upset with her because she had food alone with Dev. Everyone keeps telling her what she should do and shouldn’t do. She asks if her feelings doesn’t matter, what she did wrong if she had food with her husband. Gautam says that she did do anything wrong. Every girl has dreams after marriage which she wants to fulfill. Gautam says that their family is big and if everyone starts cooking their food separately and stay separately then the family will not stay united. Gautam further says that when they sit together to eat, they share their day with each other. In joint family they think about others happiness too.

Gautam says they’re trying to understand and asks Rishita to try understand his family too. Gautam says that Rishita got married Dev because of Raavi and Shiva’s sacrifice. If Raavi and Shiva were selfish, he wouldn’t have been telling her all this. Krish thinks that Rishita didn’t answer back Gautam.

Raavi stops Shiva from eating the dish. Shiva doesn’t listen to her and eat it. He shouts as it’s spicy. Raavi asks to use her brain when he’s not working. Rishita laughs. Dhara says that Rishita looks good while smiling and asks her to keep smiling. Shiva argues with Raavi. Gautam stops Shiva and asks him to bring more sticks.

Krish plays music and the couples dance on the song chali ishq ki hawa chali. Gautam talks in phone call to Kaka and enquires about the shop. Dhara back hugs Gautam. She says that she’s happy today. Rishita didn’t answer back when he explained her. Gautam says that he wouldn’t have felt bad if she had answered him back. Gautam says that Rishita is like a kid, she’s angry now. If the other day she hadn’t reached the mandap in time Raavi-Dev would got married.

According to her, mistake is theirs. Rishita needs their love and their trust. She should feel that they consider her as their family and love her. Rishita agrees with Gautam. Gautam says his three brothers and Raavi and Rishita are still kids. They have the responsibility to handle them. Dhara says that she will fulfill the responsibilities from heart and they will keep them united, no matter how much they fight. Gautam praises Dhara’s upbringing and says that keeps them united. They should prepare them to face their life’s problems. Dhara hugs Gautam.

Krish tells Shiva that he thought Rishita would answer back Gautam, but it seems she’s realizing her mistakes and asks if they should drop the plan of scarying Rishita. Shiva says they won’t. Shiva is determined to execute his plan to scare Rishita.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita screams on seeing a shadow.

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