Pandya Store 5th August 2021 Written Update: Dhara breaks down to Gautam expressing her pain


Pandya Store 5th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with family trying different possibilities to save Suman. Anita prays for Suman to get saved. Prafula scolds her. Krish gets a stick, but it’s too short. Rishita brings a short rope tied to a bucket. Dhara says that it won’t help. Raavi brings a rope. The girls drop the rope into the well. Suman pulls the drop down shocking them. Meanwhile Prafula steals some fruits and puts it in a bag. She places that bag on the side of the main door. Shiva and Dev bring the swing after lot of difficulty. Suman refuses to get on the swing. Gautam threatens to kill himself. Suman agrees. The family pulls the swing up. They save first Suman then they save Gautam.

Suman tells Dhara, Rishita and Raavi to not come near her. Anita gives water to Suman. Shiva covers Suman with a towel. Dhara tells that she will get ginger tea for Suman so that she doesn’t catch cold. Suman tells Dhara to add poison in the tea shocking the family. Suman tells the family to leave her alone. Gautam asks Suman why she didn’t think about them before trying to kill herself. Suman gets emotional and says that she got worried thinking the insults that Gautam would have faced for not having kids when he goes outside to work, so she decided to end her life. Gautam asks why their talk affect her now when it didn’t get affect her before. Suman says that the women aren’t wrong. Gautam tries to explain, but Suman stops him. She says that she also wishes to have her grandchildren, but she lost all her hope, this family won’t get it’s heir. Suman cries. Shiva tries to console her.

Dhara blames herself. She says that she can’t have child. Rishta doesn’t want to plan about having kids because of her, Raavi and Shiva stay away from each other because of her and Suman also tried to commit suicide because of her. She apologizes crying. Gautam tells Dhara to stop. Krish gives hope to Suman that she will get her grandchildren. They will give offering to God and He will listen bto them. Shiva also assures Suman. The brothers hug Suman.

Dhara wants to take Suman to the room, but tells Dhara to stay away from her. She calls out Anita and tells her to take her to the room. Anita obeys. Dhara runs from there crying. Krish goes to enquire about the offering in the temple. Anita hugs Suman and says that she already lost her mom and doesn’t want to lose her as well. Suman tells to stop her drama and leaves. Anita says that she genuinely loves her and shows that she is having Suman’s photo in her pendant.

Dhara hugs Gautam and breaks down. Gautam comforts Dhara and assures her that they are trying to have their kids and they will have their own kids. Dhara shouts when they will get their child. She wants her Dhara now and asks why it’s not happening. She cries saying she wants her own kids. Gautam hugs Dhara crying. He tells her to have faith on God.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman asks God to fulfill her sons prayers. Anita thinks in mind that her sons wish won’t get fulfilled.

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