Pandya Store 5th March 2023 Written Update: The doctor calls Rishita as an irresponsible mother


Pandya Store 5th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara scolds the kids for their behavior towards Chutki. She also makes a request to Prerna also. Rishita questions what Prerna is doing here. Dhara tells she will explain. Rishita blames Dhara saying she will never change. Suman defends Dhara but Rishita refuses to listen to her. Dhara leaves for hospital. In the hospital the Pandya brother’s brings Chutki to the hospital. Rishita also arrives there. Gautam asks her to calm down. Rishita cries and says how could she. Dhara also arrives there and tries to pacify her.

Everyone watches from outside Chutki is getting treated. Dhara hugs a crying Rishita. Dhara asks the doctor if Chutki is fine. The doctor asks whether they have any idea what’s wrong with the child. They all remains silent. Doctor questions Rishita for being such an irresponsible mother who isn’t even aware about her child’s medical condition. Shweta arrives there and says that she is Chutki’s mother. Dhara and Rishita gets shocked.

Suman asks Prerna to check where Shweta is. Prerna checks and says she isn’t here at all. Suman realises Shweta must have went to a hospital. She worries about Shweta creating more drama’s. Here in the hospital Shweta tells the doctor she is Natasha’s mother and both Dhara and Rishita are Natasha’s aunt. She then asks him what happened.

Meanwhile Suman asks Prerna pack Krish, Chiku and Chutki’s bags. Prerna gets confused and questions her the reason behind it. Suman asks her to obey her words. Prerna obliges. In the hospital Shweta goes to Natasha and asks her what happened. Rishita also goes near Chutki but the latter looks away from her and tells Shweta her stomach is paining so much. The doctor tells Chutki didn’t went bathroom for an entire day. Rishita recalls the same thing Chutki went through when she was a toddler. Shweta asks Natasha the reason.

Natasha tells she didn’t liked the washroom. Shweta tells her it’s important for her to go bathroom then tells the doctor she is having health issue related to it. The doctor tells if they didn’t brought up her to the hospital now then Chutki’s health could have deteriorated. Dhara says unknowingly the kids mischievous act saved Chutki. Shweta leaves the room angrily.

In Pandya’s house, Shesh asks Chiku to not to worry because just like his mother Dhara will also talk to him. Chiku cries and says she loves Dhara so much because Dhara loves him so much so he can’t able to bear this punishment. In the hospital Shweta writes ‘Shweta Patel is Chiku’s real mother’. She also started saying this loudly. The Pandya’s gets confused and rushes to Shweta. Rishita questions Shweta for creating unnecessary scene instead of worrying about Chutki’s health. Shweta asks her what’s the need to tell the doctor the latter is Chutki’s mother.

Rishita shouts and says it’s because she is her real mother and she can’t stay away from her especially when they are under same roof. Shweta tells then her claiming her rights on Chiku is also fair. Dhara slaps Shweta shocking everyone. Prerna rushes to Suman’s room with bags in her hands. The kids notices it and follows her. Suman asks Prerna to leave Canada with Krish, Chutki and Chiku. Prerna gets shocked.

Here in the hospital Shweta tells she won’t let Chutki learn the truth about her real parent’s because if it happens then the Pandya’s will throw her out also says she brought Chutki here to get money for the latter’s treatment. Rishita gets furious and slaps Shweta. Here Suman tells Prerna that she is doing all this for Dhara’s mother love for Chiku then gives his passport to her. Chiku overhears their conversation and looks on. In the hospital Shweta tells Dhara the day Chutki learns the truth and calls Rishita as her mother the day she will tell Chiku it’s not Dhara but she is her real mother. Dhara looks on stunned.

Precap: Holi celebration starts. Suman enjoys it. Dhara says after seven years they are celebrating Holi. Rishita tells Dhara that she is going to tell Chutki that she is her real mother. Dhara tells she is going to tell Chiku the truth about his real mother.

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