Pandya Store 5th May 2021 Written Update: Krish and Shiva scare Rishita

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara telling Gautam about keeping Maha Mrityun jap for family’s peace. Gautam says that in that they have to stay 15 days more here. Dhara says that she will call Suman to get her permission and also she will all her here. Suman is waiting for Dhara’s call. Dhara calls Suman. Suman scolds Dhara for not calling her. Dhara tells about Maha Mrityun jab. Suman jokes then agrees for the jab and says that she is also coming there. Suman asks to speak to Gautam.

Suman asks to take care of everyone including Dhara. Suman cuts the call. Gautam asks Dhara to make sure that Krish love and respect equally all his three sisters-in-law. Dhara says Krish is very understanding, he loves Rishita Ana Raavi lot and take care of them. Dhara further says that she’s taking care of everyone and asks Gautam whom he will take care. Gautam says that he wil take care of her and hugs Dhara.

Krish dresses up as Kesar ghost. Other side, Rishita is scared and closed all the windows. Dev comes there and Rishita shouts getting scared. Dev asks why she closed all the windows and door. Rishita says that she heard there’s ghost in the big royal palaces, which is unused. Dev says that this is superstition and he does not she believes in all this. Rishita says that Shiva and Krish were talking about the ghost. Dev says that they have fun in scary others and tells they used to scare him in the childhood.

Anita is sitting lost in her thoughts. Prafula comes to her and asks if she’s thinking about Hardik. Anita denies and asks if it’s necessary for her to come with her as in the Pandya family, no one likes her and wants to talk to her. Prafula says that she can talk to her and moreover when she will go far, Hardik will miss her. Anita says there’s nothing between them and she can’t force them to feel each other. Prafula asks Anita not to overthink and do packing. Prafula says that she’s coming to save Raavi from Shiva.

Shiva is searching for something. Raavi comes there and says that she can’t sleep on the floor, her back is paining. He notices that the masala is sticking in her hair and mocks her. Shiva notices Krish coming that side. Shiva takes Raavi inside the washroom. He shows the masala on her hair. They both argue. Raavi asks Shiva to go out as she needs to clean the masala. Shiva goes out and sends Krish out of the room before Raavi can see him.

Dev turns off the light. Rishita gets scared. Dev have a romantic talk with Rishita. Other side, Gautam does not get sleep and turns side. He wakes Dhara up and says that he is starving. Dhara says that she will make something and they both go to the kitchen. Raavi is wondering where Shiva is and wonders where he will sleep when he will come to the room. Shiva slowly sneaks into the room. Raavi pretends to sleep. Shiva takes the candle from the drawer and leaves. Raavi wonders where Shiva is going in the late night and decides to go after him. Shiva hands the candle to Krish.

Dhara is making vegetable noodles for Gautam. They have a friendly conversation. Dhara feeds Gautam the noodles. Shiva passes by the kitchen side and notices Gautam and Dhara in the kitchen. He wonders what they’re doing here. Dhara also notices Shiva and asks what he’s doing here. Shiva says that he is hungry. Shiva thinks that he has to somehow send Gautam and Dhara back to their room else his plan will be failed. Dhara offers Shiva noodles.

Shiva says that Gautam should eat noodles in the night time as it may cause degestive issues for him at this age. Gautam complains that they trying to make him older. Shiva says that the noodles is very tasty. Dhara says that she added the marinated masala prepared by Raavi in the noodles so it’s very tasty. Shiva unintentionally praises Raavi and the masala made by her. Gautam teases Shiva. Shiva tries to convince Gautam and Dhara to go and sleep.

Rishita doesn’t get sleep as she’s feeling restless. She turns on the night lamp, but suddenly the lights go off. Rishita sees a woman in whitebholding a candle. She tries to wake Dev up in vain. Rishita tries to convince herself it’s her imagination. The woman calls out Rishita. Rishita screams getting scared.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi bumps into Krish. Raavi asks Krish why he’s running like in the race. She notices bindi in Krish’s forehead and questions him about it. Krish looks nervous.

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