Pandya Store 5th October 2022 Written Update: Shiva avoids Raavi


Pandya Store 5th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish saying to Shweta that he hates the way she treats him and asks if she really wants to marry him. Shweta angrily shouts yes and asks if she should write on a paper. She realizes what she has done. She softens her voice tone and says that she is scared of what happened, so she reacted like that. Krish leaves. Deven hears this hiding. After Krish leaves, he surrounds his around Shweta’s neck from behind and tightens it. Shweta recalls Deven’s torture and shouts not to kill her.

Deven says that Shweta has to pay for what she did that day and tells her that he has another copy of her video which shocks Shweta. He asks her to arrange the money fast. He leaves. Meanwhile, Rishita shares with Dev her doubts about Shweta’s involvement in the robbery and Chiku’s kidnapping. Dev reminds Rishita that in both incidents Shweta has suffered loss. On the other hand, Raavi says to Shiva not to let the family learn about the differences between them. Shiva ignores her and goes to sleep without even looking at her side.

Shweta wakes up startled after seeing a nightmare in which Deven shows her video to the Pandys and gets her arrested for robbery. On the other hand, Raavi has a dream and falls on top of Shiva. The latter shouts. Raavi clarifies that she has a dream. They argue for the blanket. The next morning, Suman becomes irritated when Dhara tries to talk to her about the money.

Gautam says that they need 12 lakhs to get jewellery for Shweta. He adds that he will give that money. Shiva says that they should all share the expenditure and suggests each brother giving four lakhs. Rishita opposes Dev giving four lakhs. However, Dev agrees to give the money. Shweta sees this and thinks that they are fools to spend a lot of money on a marriage which won’t last. Raavi gets ready to leave. Dhara asks where she’s going.

Raavi says that she has joined Arnab’s agency to help the girls whose profiles are hacked. Shiva asks why she didn’t tell him earlier. Raavi says that she answered who asked the question. Suman says that he could have joined after Krish’s wedding. Raavi says that Arnab is aware of Krish’s wedding and he will give him off. Dhara calls Rishita to go shopping to get Shweta’s jewellery. Rishita refuses. Dev agrees to accompany Dhara.

Shweta visits her parents. She puts up an emotional drama to get money from her dad. She says that the Pandyas are spending even their savings for the wedding expenses, but she doesn’t have money to get them any gifts. Shweta’s dad agrees to give her money, but her mom opposes. She says that Shweta lied about Forum to Rishita. Shweta receives a message and leaves.

Shiva is shocked to see Arnab dropping Raavi at home and Raavi hugging him. Suman boasts about putting three more locks in her cupboard. Shiva comes there and gives Dhara his share of the money. Suman takes that money and says that she will keep it safely in her locker. Shweta brings Suman her favorite dishes.

Suman asks Shweta to put the money in her locker. Rishita complains that Suman never gave her locker key to anyone in the family, but now she’s giving it to Shweta. Suman says that Shweta saved her money from the thief by risking her life and, moreover, she’s from a rich family, so she doesn’t need to steal. Dhara says that she always respected her money despite hailing from the middle class.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta is shocked to see Deven in her room. Deven hides under the bed when Dhara arrives there to show Shweta the jewellery. A bangle falls on the ground. Dhara bends to pick it up. Shweta looks shocked.

The episode starts with Shiva saying to Raavi that if she doesn’t like his way of loving her, hereafter he won’t make efforts, but Raavi has to make efforts for their relationship to work. Shiva angrily walks out while Raavi looks on. Shiva, followed by Raavi, reach the hall where Krish and Shweta are dancing to the song Ghar More Pardesiya. Krish and Shweta drag Shiva and Raavi to dance. Raavi dances. Then the whole family dances around Suman.

Deven signs Shweta to take the locker key from Suman. Shweta pretends to feel dizzy and sits near Suman and takes the locker key without Suman’s knowledge. While Shweta is getting up, Suman holds Shweta’s hand, asking if she has fallen. Shweta nods no. She continues to dance around Suman. While handling the locker key to Deven, the locker key falls on the ground. Deven sits down to pick it up. Dhara sees this and thinks that Deven apologizes by falling on Shweta’s leg. She finds their relationship weird. Gautam asks Dhara to dance. While the Pandyas are dancing,

Deven sneaks into Suman’s room and robs the money from the locker. Shweta goes into that room. She’s scared of Deven not giving her a video recording after getting the money. She takes Suman’s stick and beats Deven. Deven drops his phone. Deven asks why she beats him. Shweta starts to hit his phone with the stick to break. He tries to stop her. Shweta hits him again. Shweta destroys the memory card. She says that Deven isn’t trustworthy.

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