Pandya Store 6th March 2022 Written Update: Pandyas are elated knowing that Rishita changed her mind


Pandya Store 6th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita saying to Dev that she isn’t ready for the child now and she booked an appointment with the doctor for the next 6pm. She says that he can accompany her if he wants. Dev says that he won’t come, it’s his final decision. Other side, Dhara says to Raavi that Shiva hasn’t agreed to marry her which disappoints Raavi. She reveals that she has planned to kidnap Shiva. Raavi says that it’s not possible. Dhara asks if she wants to get married to Shiva or not. Raavi nods yes. Dhara asks Raavi to do her wedding shopping. Raavi says to Dhara to make sure that her groom doesn’t get changed this time. Raavi leaves.

Raavi comes to Shiva and says some poetic lines. Shiva gets up to leave getting annoyed. Raavi drops the cash that Dhara gave. She drops her dupatta over it to hide. Shiva asks what she’s hiding. Raavi stops Shiva and says that what family members will think if they see them like this. Shiva scolds her and leaves.

The morning Raavi and Shiva bump into each other. Shiva catches Raavi in his arms and then drops her down. Dhara sees them. Raavi says to Shiva that he is finding exccuses to come closer to her. Shiva says that she’s getting mad and leaves. Rishita gets ready to leave for office. Dhara stops her and says that she packed some fruits for her. Rishita says that she booked an appointment with the doctor tonight shocking Dhara and Raavi.

Rishita begins to leave. Dhara calls out Rishita. She says that her body shouldn’t fall weak and requests her to have the fruits. Raavi says to Rishita that she has put her lunch in the car and requests to have it and calls her in the case of any problem. Dev and Rishita drive off. Dhara says that it wouldn’t have been easy for Rishita to take it this decision.

Rishita and Dev come to the hospital. Dev asks why they have come here. Rishita says that she has come for abortion shocking Dev. She can’t say it in front of the family, but he has the rights to know this. Dhara prays to God to make Rishita understand that her child isn’t her weakness, but her strength. Raavi comes to Dhara. She finds Dhara crying and says that she doesn’t need to hide her tears from her. She is also worried about Rishita’s decision and she’s scared that she takes any wrong decision. Dhara says that she’s also scared. Suman prays to God to give sense to Rishita to understand what’s right and wrong for the family.

Rishita says to Dev that she’s not only ready mentally, but also financially. Dev says that their family wants this child. Rishita says that she wants to make her career now, so it’s not the right time to have child. Dev says that career can be made with the child. He says that Dhara wished to become mother and God is fulfilling it through them. Rishita says that she won’t give birth to her child for Dhara, she will do it for herself thinking about his/her future. Doctor calls Rishita.

Rishita asks Dev to come with her. Dev refuses. He says that this child belongs to him and he can’t see it getting aborted. Rishita says that he’s abandoning her in this situation. Dev says that it’s her decision and moreover he isn’t strong like her to see their child dying in front of his eyes. He leaves saying sorry.

Suman comes to Gautam who is in the shop and asks to which doctor Rishita has gone for consultation. Gautam says that he doesn’t know. She asks if Rishita will take right decision. Other side doctor asks Rishita to revise her decision. Rishita says that it won’t change. The doctor gives her a form to fulfill. Rishita gets sad remembering Dev’s words. Dev is walking on the sad. He is sad recalling Rishita’s words. The doctor asks Rishita if her family members has come with her, who will sign the form. Rishita says that she will sign it.

Dev comes to the temple. He prays to God. He says that he left the decision on His hand and asks to let happen what’s right. Suman signs the form and thinks that she wishes that she could have been pregnant after two years. Dhara and family are worried and wait for Rishita’s call. In the hospital, doctor asks Rishita’s decision for a last time. Rishita says that this is her final decision. Doctor does Rishita’s sonography test to see the foetus growth. Dhara gets emotional on seeing her baby and hearing his/her heartbeat.

Suman says that they got happiness after many years and Rishita is behind ruining it. Suman says that she has also taken a decision. She says to Gautam to pack Rishita’s things. She says that if Rishita doesn’t want her heir then she also doesn’t want her this house shocking the family. Dhara says to Suman that her anger is justified, but it’s not necessary that Rishita has gone to the hospital for abortion. Suman says that she can say on seeing her attitude and asks Dhara to pack Rishita’s belongings.

Rishita is taken to the operation theater. Rishita recalls Dhara and Suman words about the baby. Dev notices Dhara’s missed calls and calls her. Dhara asks where they’re, if Rishita is fine. Dev says that Rishita has appointment with the doctor for abortion shocking Dhara. Dev says to Dhara to not worry, he is going to the hospital. Dhara says to the family that it would have been easy for Rishita to take this decision, especially when her her husband and her family are against her. She says that after Rishita’s operation her body will become weak, so they can’t leave her responsibility to someone else. Suman says that Dhara nerds not to lecture her, she knows it. She just packs her luggage.

Rishita is in the operation theatre. She remembers how happy her family was knowing her pregnancy. She then remembers Dhara and Dev’s words. Dev reaches the hospital. He says that Rishita always supported him and his family, but she left her alone and wonders where she’s. Rishita stops the doctor from injecting her.

Dhara says to Suman that she doesn’t agree with Suman’s decision. Suman says that she will pack Rishita’s luggage. Shiva and Raavi say to wait till Dev and Rishita return home. Suman silences Raavi. Suman says that if Rishita stays here, it will remind her that she doesn’t have grandchildren and cries. Tere Rishita says that she can’t do this to her baby and runs out of the operation theatre. Dev notices this and enquires to the doctor if she is fine. Doctor scolds Dev for leaving Rishita alone in this situation and says that Rishita changed her mind in the last minute. Dev gets happy. He leaves.

Here Suman expresses her pain. Rishita comes back home playing dhol. Rishita asks who all ready to welcome her baby or only she’s excited which surprises the family. They all get glad that Rishita changed her mind. Suman hugs Rishita and thanks her. Dev also comes back home. He hugs Shiva. Dhara signs Rishita to come to her. Rishita stumbles and is about to fall. Family catches her. Rishita gets emotional and thanks them. She asks them to always support her and take care of her baby. Dhara says that the baby is their responsibility. Dhara hugs Rishita.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman phones Prafulla and tells a plan to make Raavi return to her house. Suman asks Shiva to kidnap Raavi. Dhara and others are discussing the plan of kidnapping Shiva. Shiva overhears them.

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