Pandya Store 6th March 2023 Written Update: Dhara refuses to make a promise to Shweta

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prerna tells Suman, Chutki already ill so she can’t take her away from here. Suman asks Prerna to take Krish and Chiku. She then calls Chiku inside and asks him to go with Prerna. Chiku cries and asks Suman not to punish him and promises not to repeat mistakes. Suman says he is doing this for his safety only. She then gives money to Prerna asking her to book tickets and leave with Krish and Chiku. Chiku sends Shesh and Mithu. In the hospital Shweta asks Dhara to make a promise to her to let her be Natasha’s mother then only she will let Dhara be Chiku’s mother. Dhara refuses to do it seeing Rishita’s state. Shweta questions her about her mother love for Chiku. She then forcibly make her a promise. Rishita goes to Natasha’s treatment room and cries. Chiku comes to the hospital and calls Dhara.

Shweta mocks both Dhara and Chiku’s love for one another. Chiku meets Dhara and tells he don’t want to go anywhere. Dhara gets confused and asks her what is he saying. Chiku tells Suman’s request to the new aunt to take him from there. Dhara and Krish gets tensed. Dhara worries that Shweta may learn about Prerna’s presence in the house and wonders what to do. Shweta tells Chiku that she didn’t said anything to him then why he is saying such things. Dhara takes Chiku from there. Shweta grows suspicious and decides to find out what’s happening.

Gautam stays with a crying Rishita. Chiku tells Dhara that Suman asked Prerna to take him with her and he don’t want to go anywhere and cries hard. Dhara tries to calm him down saying she will talk to Suman so asks him not to worry. Shweta arrives there and tries to prey information from him by asking is he addressing Prerna as a new aunt. Dhara scolds her then let Krish take Chiku with him then asks Shweta to learn from Rishita about Chutki’s health condition. Shweta tells she herself will ask the doctor about it then leaves. Chiku says to Dhara that he knows it’s her who asked Suman to throw him out to keep Chukti but he don’t want to go anywhere. Dhara tells Chiku that she loves him so much and she didn’t done anything such so asks Chiku to calm down. Krish informs Dhara that Rishita needs her now so says he will take Chiku home. Chiku hugs Dhara and refuses to leave her. Krish takes Chiku with him and assures him that he won’t let anyone take him from them. Dhara leaves.

The doctor says as per the report Chutki’s kidney is damaged fully so they have to do the kidney transplant immediately which shocks the Pandya’s and Shweta. He also says they have to be more cautious with Chutki’s diet until the transplant takes place. Rishita slaps Shweta and accuses her for hurting an innocent child for her own benefits. She also blames the Pandya’s for Chutki’s state. Gautam calms her down. Shweta goes to check up on Natasha.

Rishita also follows her. She asks Shweta to let her stay with Chutki atleast when she is asleep. The next day Raavi convinces Shiva and stops him from visiting Pandya Nivas. Meanwhile Prerna wakes up and wonders why Chutki isn’t returned home yet. She then comes out and sees Gautam Dhara and Rishita arrives there with Chutki. Suman does Chutki’s aarti. Dhara brings food for Chutki. Chiku gets irked seeing Dhara’s love for Chutki. Rishita decides to feed food to Chutki but the latter calls her a horrible aunt so Shweta decides to feed Chutki. Chutki refuses to have it so Dhara tells she will make soup for Chutki. Chiku looks on angry.

Precap: Holi celebration begins. Dhara says after seven years they are celebrating holi. Rishita tells Dhara that she will tell Chutki that she is her biological mother. Dhara tells her that she will tell Chiku that Shweta is his biological mother.

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